Session of September 8, 2016

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September 8, 2016

Minutes Recorded by: Alisa Wilson, Senate Secretary

Guests: Director of Career Services - Deena Shelton, Associate Dean of Student Engagement - Steve Conn, Student Body President - Marcus Smith, Student Body Treasurer - Jeremy Goossen, Former Vice President - Brittany Hollis, Former PPT - Corey Naas, Lizzy Foster, DJ Jobe, Amanda Vanecko

Call to Order at 11:01 am

Opening Prayer by PPT Largent

Roll Called

Approval of Minutes

Minutes approved.

Officer Reports

Senator Read and Senator Bergman added to roll.

PPT Largent: Makes nominations to committees.

Nominations are approved.

PPT Largent: Only people need to be on committee: Jim daniels, Beckham, Wright, Bucher. Email me by Sunday.

Committee Reports

Sen. Hartsfield, Student Life: I had one person ask me about the rule for carrying a gun in your car. Texas law requires it to be out of sight and you have to have a license to carry. For LeTourneau law, read the student handbook. I also had someone talk to me about a guard who is a little over zealous. The chief has been made aware today. If you have a complaint against a guard, please bring it to me or the chief. I need four people to come help with ice cream tomorrow. I had a meeting with Madalaine Lane from the library about the mural she talked to us about last week. She wants our help in communicating with the university. They're making use of our channels of communication.

Sen. Martin, Public Records: I'd like to take your mug shots for the wiki. I brought my camera so come see me after session.

Sen. Hartsfield: To clarify, the chief, as local police, cannot enforce the gun laws, because the federal government has to enforce them.

Special Business

New senators sworn in.

PPT Goode: Those of you who have not attended training, we'll get that arranged by next week.

New Business

PPT Largent: Bill brought to the floor: "Friday Ice Cream Social Act of Fall 2016," allocating $2,000 for the purchase of ice cream and supplies for Friday Ice Cream for Fall 2016.

Sen. Jones: What was the previous amount used? What has it been in the past?

PPT Largent: The previous year we did $2,500. I ran some numbers last night, and it came to about $120 under $2,000. FAC will be tracking it throughout the semester. If it's less than what we spend, we'll cut down next semester even more.

The bill passes.

PPT Largent: Bill brought to the floor: "Senate Shirt Purchase of Fall 2016," allocating $500 for the purchase of Senate shirts. We ran out of shirts, we had more people than expected sign up for Senate so we'll buy more.

Sen. Bergman: Motion to friendly amend the word "matter" to "manner."

Bill is friendly amended to change "matter" to "manner."

The bill passes.


VP Goode: Most of the floors are represented here today, but there are still a few floors that don't have anyone. Please continue to encourage them to get involved.

Sen. Read: What floors are lacking?

VP Goode: I believe about half of the ones in Tyler, Gilbert 1 and 2, and Davis 1. Ask Senator Bergman for details on that. I’m shooting for 100% representation.

Open Forum

Director of Career Services Deena Shelton gives presentation of Career Services events for Fall 2016.

Q&A session between Senate and Deena Shelton

Former VP Hollis addresses Senate.

Pres. Smith: 11:11 coffee will be moved to Fridays at 4:00. Can Senate help with set-up for that since they're already setting up for ice cream?

VP Goode: That should be fine.

Sen. Hoos: Have we gotten a response back from Bon Appetit?

VP Goode: They will be coming on the 22nd which is in two weeks.

Brittany Hollis: SAAC is also working on that. Terri Deike is working with that too. As I hear stuff, I'll email VP Goode.

VP Goode: Terri Deike will also be here next week.

Sen. Hartsfield: Good news for those who are aware of what the Campus Safety and Security committee has been working on. We've been trying to get new cars for the police department. The money needed has come through and they will be receiving the cars in the next semester.

VP Goode: From what I understand they used student input when presenting to the Board of Trustees.

DJ Jobe: For the prayer garden, I heard the school is trying to contract that out instead of letting students do it?

Sen. Hartsfield: I've had meetings over the summer with them. It's a painful and slow process. The university loves our idea and wants it to happen, and they're trying to let Senate do it, but it has to look official and professional. They want us to plant it and build it, but through the contractors. We can still plant flowers and help. If there is a student who has done this professionally, they would probably let you do that. We can't pour concrete and any wiring we can't do ourselves. If you would like to be in charge of this, come talk to me. I don't have the time to continue the project this year.

Sen. Butz: Because of the increase in price contracting might cause, I would like to suggest we as Senate consider putting some of this year's Student Life budget into it.

VP Goode: If you have class at 12:00, you are dismissed at 11:50.

Sen. Hartsfield: You want project funds from this year to be put towards that? That's already been done. It will take about half of this year's Student Life budget and what we saved for this from last year.

VP Goode: For more information, talk to the Student Life committee.

Sen. Hartsfield: If you're on my committee, text or email me.

PPT Largent: I will share a document I have with all committee members and chairs.

VP Goode: Next week we will hear from Terri Deike from Athletics. I hear she is planning to bring pizza.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:48 am