Session of September 21, 2017

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September 21, 2017

Minutes Recorded by: Daniel Yohe, Secretary

Visitors: Treasurer Michael Butz, YAC President Kevin Boatman, Student Body President Josh Raies, Steve Conn

Call to Order at 11:01 am

Prayer by Paul-Eric Hansen

Roll Called

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe motions to add Boaz Jim-Daniels to the role

Motion Passed

Senator Jim-Daniels added to the role

Approval of Minutes

VP Largent: That’s “Cayleb Byrd”

Motion to add Katherine Foster to the role

Senator Katherine Foster added to the role

Minutes approved

Officer Reports

No officer reports

Committee Reports

Senator Gibbs (FAC): For the shirt orders, the company Global Graphics will do the shirts for us. We will have to get an order of 12 shirts minimum. Sizes small to extra large will be $10.40, double XL will be $12.40. It will be 3 additional dollars for names on the back, and that will come out of your own personal wallet. If you want to sign up for one, come see me afterwards and put your name and size on the document that is pulled up right now.

Senator Ladner (Elections): We have a meeting coming up for the unrepresented floors. We decided to schedule that for next Sunday. We need to have a bill next week for funding for pizza. We will give a quick update for those who come who are unrepresented so they can know what is going on in Senate and on campus.

Senator Gibbs: Is there anything anyone wants brought up in that meeting? I’ll be there and will mention the water fountain thing, club funding. Anything else? Thank you.

VP Largent: For clarification, the chairs met right before the semester started to work out some goals for Senate, and one of those goals was how to reach unrepresented floors. Obviously, we want every floor to be represented here, and we came up with an idea to have an informal meeting so they can send people from floor, feed them pizza, let them know what is going on, and ask them how can we help them even if they don’t want to have a Senator. They’re not here to tell us that, so that’s the plan.

Special Business

Senator Martin reads letter of resignation.

Old Business

No old business

New Business

Senator Gorton: I need people for ice cream.

VP Largent: The student life committee is actually pretty small right now, so we need people to help with ice cream that are not part of the committee until, hopefully next week, we get some more people nominated to that committee and they have enough people to do rotations. Currently, it would just be them every single week, and that’s a lot of commitment.

Senator Jim Daniels announces his resignation

Senator Foust motions to bring bill to floor – FA17-SB5

“Hype Night Funding Bill of 2017” read

Senator Foster: Does it have to be Whataburger?

VP Largent: Yes, that’s the best place ever. YAC President Boatman, they are giving us this deal for $500 for anyone that comes, right?

YAC President Boatman: Yeah, so it has to be Whataburger for a couple of reasons. They are already partnered with us, and they are bringing a lot of stuff out to give out. Like last year they gave out free Whataburger for a year for making half court shot. They are already kind of our point person for this anyway, and I believe they are giving us a better deal on this.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: For those who are unaware, could you give us a brief summary of what hype night is?

Senator Gibbs: Hype night is hype! It is Whataburger coming out and getting us excited for..

Stud. Bod. Pres. Raies: We have volleyball games and soccer games.

Senator Gibbs: For fall sports! It’s gonna be great, Whataburger has a presence at a lot of our sporting events giving away stuff. A stolen base at baseball games and get a free Whataburger or something like that. It’s just them making their presence known and being a part of the student body when there’s not really sporting events going on. So they’ll have things like throwing giant French fries into a giant French fry bucket. They’ll have the half court shot to win Whataburger for a year. I didn’t even win it, but I made a half court shot and it the greatest feeling in my life.

Bill passes


VP Largent: Again, volunteers for career fair. Email me again today and ask me. Let’s put the deadline tomorrow by midnight. If you haven’t emailed me and want to volunteer for that, that’s the deadline. Again, it’s a great opportunity to meet companies that are coming to the career fair and help them set up their booths and take down their booths, whether that’s from 7-9 or 1-2:30. Another announcement, Executive Cabinet is looking into doing a carnival fundraiser for Harvey relief. That would be food, a game truck that LSM was talking about last time.

Stud. Bod. Pres. Raies: We will have live music, game truck, mechanical bull, and just a lot of fun.

VP Largent: So let me know what y’all think of that, if it is something you would be willing to go to and spend money

Senator Spiers: I recommend large amounts of cotton candy.

Open Forum

Treasurer Butz gives budget presentation for Student Government


Senator Spiers: When is this carnival scheduled for exactly?

Treasurer Butz: I don’t believe we have located an exact date yet. At this point we are still in the preliminary planning phase.

Senator Spiers: So if someone wanted to help, when do you think about when it will be?

Stud. Bod. Pres. Raies: November, when it is nice and cool outside.

YAC President Kevin Boatman gives YAC budget presentation


Senator Cordero: What is the drive in movie night?

YAC President Boatman: Right, so I believe the movie we are showing is Lala Land, but that’s one that we are partnering with the automotive society. And we are actually going to do a real drive in movie, so we’ll have the screen set out by their place and have it to where you can tune in to the audio through your radios in your car. I really am looking forward to that one, and I think we are going to have some good stuff for that.

Treasurer Butz: Where are you going to be broadcasting the audio from? Just curious.

YAC President Boatman: I don’t actually know. That’s a little down the road, so we don’t have an plan precisely for that.

Senator Imken: Whats been the feedback on the water fountains?

VP Largent: In the ice cream survey, the majority said yes. I think there were only a couple of people who said no, and only about 60 people or so.

Citizen Martin: The comments on Instagram and Facebook were good. There was no opposition there.

VP Largent: I saw a good reaction on the Swiftlie app, so that’s good.

Senator Imken: I was also referring to what the floor’s reaction was. We said we would go out and ask.

Senator Boyce: The vote from KZX was a resounding yes.

Senator Foust: Everybody I’ve talked to liked it. The plan is to, by next week, have a bill and have gone to all the floors and figure out which water fountains have this already.

Senator Gorton: Have any of your floors shown a negative reaction to this?

Senator Spiers: I don’t have a full survey, but talking to some of the guys in Durham, they are all pretty positive about it. They are still a bit skeptical about putting a faucet on the sink or something. Would it be filtered or not? Otherwise, it seems redundant. There were a few concerns because we don’t have water fountains.

Senator Ladner: For McKinnley and Durham, they already have the sinks, so we could just get one of those mounts you stick on the faucet head that filters it.

Senator Spiers: That was one of the main questions, whether it would be filtered or not. Like, what’s the point if it is not filtered.

Senator Ladner: It might not be for your floor as much as the others that have water fountains.

VP Largent: You guys need talk to your floors and get Senator Foust with any negative reactions because we are going to be moving forward with this next week probably.

Senator Foust motions to adjourn

Motion passed

Meeting Adjourned at 11:25 am