Session of September 17, 2015

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Minutes recorded by: Alisa Wilson, Senate Secretary

Call to order at 11:01 am.

Roll called at 11:02 am.

Senator McConnell and Senator Spencer added to the roll.

Minutes approved.

Officer Reports

P.P.T. Goode: I have two senators to nominate to committees. Senator Supanich to Events and Senator Washington-Jones to Student Life.

Nominees approved.

Committee Reports

Old Business

P.P.T. Goode: Last week I brought an amendment to the floor that was hastily written. After reviewing it further, I would like to rescind this amendment and work on a larger, more comprehensive change in the future.

Constitutional Bylaws Amendment for Allocations of Fall 2015 rescinded.

V.P. Hollis: The attendance bill will be voted on next week.

New Business

Sen. Washington-Jones: Bill brought to the floor: "Friday Ice Cream Social Act of Fall 2015." Total of $2,500 allocated for the purchase of ice cream for Friday Ice Cream for both Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 semesters.

The bill passes.

Sgt. Meadows: Bill brought to the floor: "Club and Organization Recognition Act of Fall 2015 Part I." Formally recognizes the following clubs and organizations: Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), American Welding Society Student Chapter, LeTourneau University Robotics Club, Mosaic, Mu Kappa, and Pro-Life LeTourneau.

Sen. Wise: Why do we have to formally recognize Mosaic if it's already been established?

P.P.T. Goode: Mosaic is kind of weird, it is an organization and an IMPACT thing. I do think they are an organization and not a club. Senator Meadows can you look into that further?

Sgt. Meadows: I was given paperwork for Mosaic so I went ahead and put them on there.

P.P.T. Goode: Organizations usually get recognition from administration.

Sen. Swehla: Should IEEE be on that list?

Sgt. Meadows: There are clubs that have not submitted paperwork yet.

V.P. Hollis: To be recognized, they have to get all their paperwork in.

The bill passes.

Open Forum

Steve Conn: About Mosaic funding, to clarify, Mosaic is considered an organization, which does not need to go through the process to be recognized. However, if they wanted to submit a budget and request additional funds from Senate, we have them fill out the forms. If they had not gone through the process, they would still exist but not able to request funding from Senate. Now that they have gone through the process, they can request funding from Senate. Many clubs have started the process, but not completed it. Once I receive paperwork from clubs, I give it to Senator Meadows.

V.P. Hollis: I've been told to ask for volunteers for the Career Fair on October 8th. You would help set up and get a free T-shirt. You would also get to meet with people before the fair starts and get your name out there. Second thing: floor elections start today and end next Wednesday, September 23rd. The flyers need to go up today. Send emails to the people on your floor. If you have floors in your residence hall that are not represented, please take them to put on the other floors as well. Next week before coming to General Assembly, take them down and bring them back to me. I'll also make a chapel announcement tomorrow.

Sen. Wise: The chapel slide says elections end Thursday.

V.P. Hollis: That's fine. We'll be lenient with the dates. If someone wants to be a senator after that date, I won't turn them away.

Meeting adjourned at 11:14 am.