Session of September 14, 2017

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September 14, 2017

Minutes Recorded by: "Senator Martin"

Visitors: Student Body President Raies, Executive Cabinet Media Coordinator Goode, LSM President McCloy, LSM Treasurer Johnson, Citizen Michael McCutcheon, Associate Dean of Student Engagement Steve Conn

Session called to order 11:02 AM

Opening Prayer by Senator Gorton

Roll Called

Approval of minutes

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Minutes approved at 11:07 AM

Officer reports

VP Largent: Update on PPT Caroline- surgery on Tuesday again. About to discharge her.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: reminder on dress code – no jeans, no polo other than Senate polo

Committee Reports

Senator Foust (Student Life): looking into project requested for water bottle filling spigots on water fountains. Currently in investigatory stage. Ask your floors what they think.

Senator Gorton (Student Life): need people for ice cream

Special business

Senator Caleb Burg is sworn in

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: point of order, no wearing hats

Old business

No old business

New business

Senator Spiers motions to bring a bill to the floor, SP17-SB4

Motion seconded

Bill brought to floor

Bill passes

Senator Martin motions to bring a bill to the floor, SP17-SB3

Motion seconded

Bill brought to floor

Senator Vanecko: how much storage are we paying for?

Senator Martin: right now we have 8 GB, if we do 30 GB it will be something small like $5 over the course of 3 years. Storage amount can change month to month. We will also be paying small costs like network transmission costs.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: for the future senators, who aren’t aware we’ve had to pay, make sure people are aware that funding renewals will have to be made.

VP Largent: PR&R has documentation on that.

Bill passes

VP Largent: Career fair reminder October 5th, no session, help out employers set up and take down (times?)

Open forum

Budget presentation from LSM

LSM Budget link PPT in wiki


Senator Gibbs: how many hours are LSM cabinet putting in every week to justify the administrative, stipend costs?

LSM Treasurer Taylor: work hours vary, some weeks are heavier than others depending on each member’s role. Chris has been our workhorse/backbone so far and done the most work.

Senator Martin (as LSM Media Coordinator): it’s about $4/hour at 5 hours a week.

LSM President Emily: and a reminder that it’s an annual, not semesterly allocation.

Student Body President Raies: Adobe CC question, is it going to be personal or organizational?

Senator Martin (as LSM Media Coordinator): it’s cheaper if it’s labeled as a personal subscription as opposed to an organizational license. We will have to look into the license’s legality regarding personal and organizational use.

End budget presentation

Senator Boyce added to roll (came 5 minutes after roll was called)

Senator Foust: comments on the spigots?

President Raies: What type are they, Solheim or ASC?

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: it is the type in Longview Hall and Solheim.

Senator Spiers: how will this affect our budget?

VP Largent: we have a large Student Life Project fund. Any other comments?

Senator Imken: we should ask our floors.

Steve Conn: this is something that came up during the IMPACT retreat during the listening session, so it is two points of hearing that this may be valid. It’s good to ask your floors.

Senator Spiers: Quads do not have water fountains. How would we approach that?

Senator Gorton: Probably in the kitchen sink, add an additional outlet for that purpose.

VP Largent: talk to your floors regarding that. Any other items for open forum?

Senator Foust motions to adjourn

Motion seconded

Motion passes

Session adjourned approximately 11:35 AM

VP Largent: more budget presentations next week, and we will have a speaker.