Session of October 26, 2017

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October 26, 2017

Minutes Recorded by: Daniel Yohe, Secretary

Visitors: Kendra Murphy, Deena Shelton, Alia Hicks, Steve Conn

Call to Order at 11:13 am

Roll Called

Approval of Minutes

Minutes approved at 11:16 AM

Officer Reports

PPT Pop: Senators Wright, Cordero, and Marino have been removed due to lack of attendance.

Committee Reports

Senator Gibbs (FAC): For the whole t-shirt thing, we still need 9 people to give their money to order them. Please email or text me. We are waiting on that.

Citizen Hicks: What shirts?

Senator Gibbs: Senate t-shirts, the casual ones people wanted.

Senator Foster: How much are the shirts again?

Senator Gibbs: $9 to $13 depending on if you want your name on the back.

Senator Gorton motions to bring a bill to the floor

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe seconds motion

FA17-SB8 read

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: Just a comment, Intersociety has an event so I don’t know how many of those people will come. I’ll try to spread the word and direct some to come.

VP Largent: How long is the event?

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: It’s basically just us hanging out, so it can go as long as we want.

Bill approved

Senator Gorton: There will be a sign-up sheet after session. Please sign up, that would be great.

Special Business

Hannah Stone’s resignation letter is read.


VP Largent: The campfire is coming up. It’s our big event of the semester and everyone is expected to do something there. Also, please be here on time so we can make quorum.

Open Forum

Deena Shelton (Career Services) speaks

  • Student leaders are familiar with what Career Services do, but not the whole student body
  • Preparing students in college for workforce
    • Services beyond just getting job
      • Resume building
      • Interviewing
      • Engaging in professional settings
    • Students to prepare for professional skills
    • Services by request
      • Students, faculty and staff
  • 3 main events every year
    • Career fair
      • Expanding non-STEM companies in Fall
    • Smaller career fair in spring, teacher education
      • 17-20 ISDs come per semester
    • Career skills banquet in spring
      • Only seniors invited
      • Coursed meal, dress up
      • Guided eating experience
        • Etiquette taught
      • Best reviewed of all events every year
      • Usually in mid-February to early March
    • Serving individuals. I will:
      • Present in classes
      • Help with resumes
      • Aid in job search
      • Help with interviews
      • Offer advice in dressing for interviews
      • Review offer letters, counter potential salaries
    • Speaking to groups
      • Classes
      • Events
    • What I don’t do:
      • Resumes from scratch
    • Resume guide
      • Writing resume
      • Cover letter
      • References on page
      • Engage over email
      • Thanking for interviews
      • Interview questions
      • What to wear


Senator Vanecko: I have a request. Could we have some kind of event for girls on campus? Offer advice for making choices between family life and career, weaknesses with negotiations, moving up in the workforce. Is this something we can possibly have an event for?

Deena Shelton: That’s absolutely something we can do. What we may need to do is get a couple of students together. Kristy Morgan is my boss, and Career Services events are funded by Student Life. That’s how the couple’s retreat started. I know Student Life and the RDs are planning 3 days of events called “Life after LeTourneau”. Idk if that in particular is being addressed, but I do know it will be a TED talk style.

Senator Vanecko: Would you be the person to talk to about this kind of thing?

Deena Shelton: Absolutely. Whether it became a Student Life event and we invite all the students on campus, that depends on the vision. We’ll have to find some time that fits best with your schedules.

Senator Falkenberg: Do you do mock interviews?

Deena Shelton: If students ask. I am very honest and give very specific feedback like when you answer, you look bored. It will help us know how we present and come off. There are small nuances that you might not realize about yourself such as verbal fillers. People don’t realize they’re doing it, so feedback is good. I don’t get a whole lot of requests for those. Another thing we do is Myers Briggs testing and values-based motivational thinking. I help people who are struggling in major and are unmotivated: people in programs or things they aren’t really passionate about. If you have guys on floor who struggle with this, go talk to them and send them my way.

Senator Gibbs: Do all internships go through you?

Deena Shelton: Yes, I can’t do all of them, but I help students. At the career fair, lots of companies are here only for internships, and that’s how they are doing it now. For co-ops, we can make sure a semester of real world experience shows up on your transcript so it doesn’t look like you took off a semester. We also answer questions for people about social media, and help with drafting emails for counter-offering. That’s really on an as-needed basis. We want to make sure students are more prepared when they leave our office than when they came in.

VP Largent: Is there anything Senate can do for you besides spread the word?

Deena Shelton: As you know, Senate volunteers for career fair to help loading in and out and providing manpower. Some of the biggest feedback we received was from new companies that said they were impressed we had students waiting to help them. We are the front lines of what they expect of students, and it sets the tone. Employers have said that our students are the most prepared, have the best resumes, and are the most ready for work of any school. That’s why they come back. Our job is to be aware and make sure people know resources we offer. We are basically a liaison between students and faculty/staff. If you have any questions later, email me. I have open office hours on Wednesdays from 1-3 PM.

Senator Hicks: What is your email address?

Deena Shelton: I have cards that you guys can get.

VP Largent: Where is your office?

Deena Shelton: Student Center, first floor. Same area as admissions. We also have quiet spaces to do interviews. You can book space to do those in my office.

Senator Ladner motions to adjourn

Senator Gibbs seconds

Meeting Adjourned at 11:42 am