Session of October 15, 2015

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Minutes recorded by: Alisa Wilson, Senate Secretary

Call to order 11:00 am.

Roll called at 11:02 am.

Senator Naas added to the roll.

Minutes approved.

Officer Reports

P.P.T. Goode: I have some senators to nominate to committees. If you are not on a committee, please email me as soon as possible. It is a requirement that you serve on a committee for at least your first two semesters as a senator.

Committee Reports

Sen. Naas: We had our second round of budget presentations this past Saturday. We finalized the amounts going to each club that night. We have one more club to add to the list and finalize, and will then present the amounts in session next Thursday.

Sen. Largent: We finished updating the Current Senators page on the Wiki, check and make sure you are on there and that your name is spelled correctly. If you have any corrections or are not on the roster, let me know.

Sen. Washington-Jones: Our event is solidified and we have a chapel announcement tomorrow. If you want to do that for me, let me know. If you would like to help with the paint and set up, we're making the paint Tuesday night or Wednesday.

P.P.T. Goode: If you're available then, please help. It will take a lot of work.

Old Business

New Business

Sgt. Meadows: Bill brought to the floor: "Club and Organization Recognition Act of Fall 2015 Part 4," formally recognizing LUSAT, LeTourneau University Rugby Club, Habitat for Humanity Club, Student Nurses Association, Justice Initiative, L.O.W., and Kappa Psi Delta.

The bill passes.


P.P.T. Goode: I know there have been some attendance issues. Committees are the backbone of Senate. You need to go to your committee meetings. If you are part of two committees and don't have time for both, I would rather see you only be part of one but be fully committed than to try and partially do both.

Open Forum

Sen. Bergman: Some of the guys on my floor have been complaining about windows not having screens. The rooms tend to get smelly and they want to open the windows but bugs wander in.

P.P.T. Goode: Your RD would be the first person to talk to about that.

Sen. Jobe: I was aware that last night there was a Student Life meeting about setting up a Security sub-committee. Are there minutes posted anywhere from that meeting?

P.P.T. Goode: As far as I know, the committees aren't taking minutes. You can talk to me afterward about it.

The meeting is adjourned at 11:10 am.