Session of October 12, 2017

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October 12, 2017

Minutes Recorded by: Daniel Yohe, Secretary

Visitors: Steve Conn

Call to Order at 11:02 am

Prayer by PPT Pop

Roll Called

Approval of Minutes

PPT Pop: There are numerous places where you don’t write “Steve Conn” but just write “Conn”.

Minutes approved at 11:08 AM

Officer Reports

PPT Pop: I do have nominations for Public Relations and Records chair: Robert Ferrill. Nomination for the Elections committee: Senator Byrd. Nominations for Student Life committee: Senators Espinoza and Falkenberg.

Nominations approved

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: In order to facilitate what Secretary Yohe was saying, I will be keeping track of how many times you interject, and will give you a warning and the fourth time I will drag you out.

Committee Reports

Senator Gibbs (FAC): If you want a t-shirt I need your money. That’s it.

Senator Foust (Student Life): Still working on spigots. We found out that Student Life (not us, the department) had been working on the water fountains themselves. I talked to Tony Zappasodi because money was an issue. They said that if we bought the spigots, they would maintain them. Financially, they can replace filters if we buy them. We are trying to finish the budget with that and get a bill soon.

Senator Ladner (Elections): We finally hung up the elections posters, so we might get more people by next week.

New Business

Senator Bechard: Motion to bring a bill to floor.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe seconds

Motion approved

FA17-SB7 is read. “Club Funding Bill of Fall 2017”

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: Could I get some clarification on what Kappa Psi Delta is?

Senator Gibbs: Kappa Psi Delta is a women’s organization for psychology.

Senator Byrd: I was wondering if men’s rugby is involved in this.

Senator Gibbs: They are not sponsored by the school this year. They did not ask for funds.

Senator Oli: What happened to International Students Club?

Senator Bechard: It’s the 5th one down.

Bill approved


VP Largent: Bon Appetit will be here next week. I got that schedule two days ago. That’s exciting, and it will be great to hear from Charity, the head chef, and Gene Aimes, who is over internal contractors with LeTourneau.

Open Forum

Dr. Terry Zeitlow, Director of Development speaks

  • Fundraising arm of the university
    • Building new buildings, renovations
    • Aeronautical science center, student center, corner café, athletic fields
  • Alumni relations
    • Meet with individuals, groups of alums and current parents
  • Vision
    • LETU is the only Christian University I have worked at where there are no student fundraisers.
    • Senior gifts to the institution
    • Money drives wedges between us and God, spouses
      • Something that is not talked about
      • Less than 5% of colleges have any kind of program for finances
    • LETU students need to be prepared to be generous
      • How can we help students while they are in school to get training and understanding in these things?
    • President/s circle
      • Contribute $1000/year
      • Athletics, senior design, etc.
    • I would like to start student’s president’s circle
      • Invited to annual dinner
      • Students in circle are welcomed like other donors
      • $19.46 per year, student can be in president’s circle
      • Throughout year, 6-8 times per year: gathering finances, generosity, giving
      • When someone is contributing, desire to be involved.
      • Alumni give back, better university
      • Lots of students get aid, scholarships, alumni donating. Don’t know who you are, but want to support students
      • Go into fund, start student endowed scholarship
  • Support student initiated scholarship eventually
    • Students have opportunity to come for half hour to an hour to learn about money, finances, good investing principles.
      • Get ideas on how to maximize money, who and how to support.
      • Kick off in January
      • Board of Trustees dinner in spring, students invited.
      • Too important of an area to ignore. Graduate good students, generous students.

VP Largent: Do we have any other items for open forum?

Senator Imken: I have been receiving complaints about my.letu issue with email.

VP Largent: I will send an email to Matthew Henry about that. If you go to, that’s a direct link.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: I have heard some comments about chapels. Number of individuals with anxiety. Couple chapels that have triggered panic attacks. Sign at scanners when chapel may cover violence or something. What does Senate think?

Steve Conn: Are you talking about…

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: Violence, sex trade. Chapels with content that includes violence.

Steve Conn: Having a trigger warning at beginning of chapel or in front of chapel would probably be a good idea

Senator Bechard: I don’t see a problem with that. I think it is good. Chapels are missable, especially if they contain “mature content”. Opportunity to miss out on chapel, something that causes anxiety in one person doesn’t cause it in another, for example suicide awareness and trafficking. Can’t tell exactly, but certain ones that are more mature, putting safety measures in place. Consider weaker brother, giving opt out option. Giving awareness.

Steve Conn: Just to clarify and give some perspective. It’s not so much that someone may be very sensitive, but more likely PTSD because of combat. Usually some trigger about past experience. Suicide chapel is less about something that makes me sad and more I personally struggle with this, or my roommate has. When someone knows a topic will be hard for me, what to expect. Might hit too close to home.

VP Largent: Would Kristy [Morgan] be the one to talk to?

Steve Conn: I’ll send her an email.

PPT Pop: Would it be an excused thing, or would it be an option?

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: They would be ok with missing chapel, and should go to counseling if it is a documented issue.

Steve Conn: We are willing to work with people. I would imagine if a person said that I need to miss this chapel but need credit, we could provide a make up.

Senator Ladner: There’s already a system in place where people can do a makeup. If someone says “I have an issue with this topic”, explain why it is an issue. This chapel would have caused anxiety, hits close to home, etc.

Senator Foster: On topic of trigger warnings, would it be possible to put what we would be talking about this week? I know it’s online, but not everyone checks. I grew up in the Caribbean, and the hurricane talks were traumatic, bringing back old memories. Could we, every week, have topics posted?

Steve Conn: We can probably make better descriptions online, check the Buzz app.

Senator Foster: Maybe communicator?

Senator Bechard: Along same lines, I’m a commuter senator, so I don’t have constituents on hand. Guys on floors, take time to let people know what’s coming up in chapel, these are subjects, warning. Let us talk to RAs, senators, get a better network in place. I don’t know what to say as a commuter.

VP Largent: There are better descriptions on website. If a chapel has something that may bother you, let chaplain’s office know. They ask speakers what is their topic. I assume they do that, but things may change.

Senator Reid: Just as a note, floors don’t meet every week, more monthly. Senator usually send out weekly emails.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: One issue with individuals going to RAs, senators. Sensitive information should be discussed with parents or a counselor.

Senator Walters: If you are relying on senators to relay information, we don’t know any more than most people about this.

Senator Vanecko: We have had a lot of discussion about forewarning. Even with foreknowledge, having something during chapel so that people can leave and get credit, talk to someone outside. Even if you have preparation, something could change. Something in place for when something is happening right then.

VP Largent: Everything we have talked about it good and is being looked into.

Senator Ladner: A constituent wants more trashcans around campus. Parking lots, places like that. Is this a Student Life issue?

Senator Imken: Apparently the pianos in the education building are out of tune.

VP Largent: Talk to Jim Taylor, director of Fine Arts.

Senator Gorton motions to move trash cans to Student Life

Senator Reid: Motion to move pianos to Student Life.

Senator Foust: I am taking piano lessons this semester. The piano teacher wants to get somebody to tune the pianos. Someone does all pianos at once, and they usually do it closer to recitals.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: Another thing is that it is expensive, $300 to $400 per piano. And we have how many pianos on campus?

Senator Foster: On the subject, some are so old and broken. Some pianos just need to be replaced, as they sound awful soon after tuning.

VP Largent: Add Senator Foster’s comment to the piano business.

Senator Foust: Motion to adjourn

Senator Foster seconds

Division of assembly

Motion passes

Meeting Adjourned at 11:46 am