Session of November 3, 2016

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November 3, 2016

Minutes Recorded by: Alisa Wilson, Senate Secretary

Guests: Chief of Police - Michael Schultz

Call to order at 11:01 am.

Approval of Minutes

Sen. Martin: The date of the header is wrong.

Sen. Imken: My statement should say I don't trust Joshua recording my history.

Minutes approved.

Senators Read, Davy, and Naumann added to roll.

Officer Reports

Sergeant-at-Arms Rose: A friendly reminder: if any of you decide to get sick or do extra homework during Senate and want to send a substitute, please remind them they are required to be in dress code and act as a senator while substituting.

Committee Reports

Sen. Martin: I need mug shots for the wiki.  If you don't have anything after session, come see me to get your picture taken.

Sen. Hartsfield: If we already had them taken, do we need to take them again?

Sen. Martin: If you're not on the wiki, come see me.

New Business

Sen. Bergman: Amendment brought to the floor: "Constitutional Bylaws Amendment of Article V of Fall 2016."

VP Goode: I realize that was somewhat tedious.  This is actually a shorter version than what there was before. the thing with amendments is you do have to go through every part.  Senator Bergman can answer additional questions about why we're doing this.

Sen. Martin: Motion to friendly amend Section E, Part I: the last two words should be lowercase and Part V of Section E should say criterion as that is the plural form of criteria.

Sen. Read: Did anybody look up the grammar for that?

Sen. Foster: I looked it up and criteria is the plural form.

VP Goode: A capitalization is small enough that it falls under our secretary's power to correct.

Sen. Hartsfield: I don't think "online voting needs to take place over a secure connection" needs to be in there.

VP Goode: Essentially, it's not hurting anything to be in there.  It seems like it's okay to still be in there.  There has to be some form of login and verification to provide some level of voter safety.

Sen. Hartsfield: A secure connection does not necessarily mean you have a login on a page.

VP Goode: The term "secure" is purposely vague I believe.

Sen. Hoos: You're referencing something that is a legitimate thing.  In your vagueness you've referenced something else.

PPT Largent: It sounds like you're saying they can only vote if they have a secure connection.

VP Goode: Is this something we should take out?

PPT Largent: I personally don't like the wording from working IT for so long.

VP Goode: I do not have any great concerns about people getting up in arms about this in the future.

Sen. Read: I think the wording should be changed to reflect more specificity.

Steve Conn: The software that we used last time is the standard issued one we use. You could just say "with approved university software" and that would clear that up.

PPT Largent: That wording better defines what you mean.

VP Goode: For clarity, that phrase is unchanged from what it used to be.

PPT Largent: Motion to amend section G to read that online voting should take place over university approved software.

Amendment to the amendment passes.

Sen. Hartsfield: Section G part I says voting should take place by paper or online ballot. Isn't the second part of part I and part IV saying the same thing?

VP Goode: It specifies exactly when voting begins.

Sen. Bergman: Part I is specifically talking about the ballots, part IV is talking about when the actual casting of the ballots will begin.

Sen. Davy: Has there been any change in the period over which the number of student signatures can be gathered?

Sen. Bergman: No, the timing is the same. They've always had one week.

VP Goode: This is changing it to a simpler, more workable form that will allow us to follow our laws.

Sen. Foster: One change of timing we did make is the 12 days for interviews instead of three, giving them more time.  Before, they had three days to do everything they needed to.

Sen. Hartsfield: Does grammar stuff matter? We switch back and forth between saying Senate and the Senate.

VP Goode: That falls under the secretary's rights. We cannot approve the amendment until it has been available for 10 days because it is a constitutional bylaws amendment.

The amendment is tabled.

Sen. Foster: Amendment brought to the floor: "Constitutional Bylaws Amendment for Elections and Position Eligibility of Fall 2016."  Eventually part I will be separated into multiple parts.

Sen. Hartsfield: I'm just curious why section A part II leaves no room for an exemption.

Sen. Foster: That was copied straight from article V.

VP Goode: I agree the wording is less than fantastic, but this is going to be moved eventually anyway so I'm not overly concerned.

Sen. Butz: Could a simple friendly amendment to add an exemption be made and a section adding an explanation of an exemption to add "unless they receive an approved exemption?"

Sen. Davy: I stand opposed to the friendly amendment because would it perhaps be better to reword it before we shuffle it all around?

VP Goode: Part II is going to stay in that location, parts III and IV are going to be moved.

Sen. Butz: It seems the purpose of this amendment is for clarity of the bylaws while working on amending the Constitution.

VP Goode: It is a long term process.

The amendment to the amendment is approved.

The amendment is tabled.


VP Goode: Lauren Land from Alumni Relations will be here next week.

Open Forum

VP Goode: This week we have Chief Schultz from UPD with us.

Chief Schultz gives presentation about UPD.

Question and answer session between Chief Schultz and Student Senate.

Meeting Adjourned at 12:08 pm