Session of November 16, 2017

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November 16, 2017

Minutes Recorded by: Daniel Yohe, Secretary

Visitors: Owen Goode, Josh Raies, Caroline Pop, Kolton Eberland

Call to Order at 11:03 AM

Stud. Bod. Pres. Raies opens meeting in prayer

Roll Called

Motion to add Senator Boyce to the roll

Motion passed

Approval of Minutes

Minutes approved without edits at 11:06 AM

Officer Reports

PPT Foust: I have some committee nominations. For Elections: Senator Gutierrez. For FAC: Senators Cochrane and Nutt. For PRR: Senators Imken and Murphy. For Student Life: Senator Farmer.

Nominations approved

Motion to add Senator Vanecko to the roll

Motion passed

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: Y'all are in dress code. I just wanted to make sure we counted those who have been absent more than three times so we can talk to them.

PPT Foust: I am going to be nominating chairs for next semester next session. If you are interested in being a chair, whether returning or becoming a new chair, contact me. If we have multiple people running for same position, I'll hold interviews. I will not be the committee chair for the Student Life committee, so we will need a chair.

Committee Reports

Senator Ferrill (PRR): As you may have noticed, Senator Imken has been added to the PRR committee and will be serving as our social media specialist.

Old Business

Senator Imken motions to bring a tabled amendment to the floor

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe seconds

After discussion, Senator Imken motions to table amendment until next session

Senator Ladner seconds

Amendment tabled

New Business

Senator Ladner motions to bring a bill to the floor

Senator Gorton seconds

FA17-SB12 read. “Unrepresented Floor Meeting Funding Bill of Fall 2017”

Senator Ladner: At the beginning of the semester, the committee chairs got together to make sure that those who are unrepresented got represented. We give people food and let them complain. This is us following up on that.

VP Largent: I think 'complaint' is a bad word to use there. We are trying to let their voices be heard.

Senator Beckham: How is this event being advertised?

Senator Ladner: We have been emailing the RAs of the unrepresented floors.

Senator Imken: I would suggest section B, part 1 be amended.

Senator Ladner: I think the Secretary change that since it is a grammatical thing.

Bill approved with proposed changes

PPT Foust motions to bring a bill to the floor

FA17-SB13 read. “Senate Seven Days of Christmas Event Funding Bill of Fall 2017”

PPT Foust: Two weeks from now, during hell week, Executive Cabinet puts together this. Different organizations throw different events, and Senate has done coloring books and cookies in the past. It's just an area for people to take a break from studying.

Bill approved


VP Largent: On December 2, the Achievement Center has asked us to help for SI Blitz. There are two different times, a 30 minute slot and a 45 minute slot. It will be the Saturday before finals. Sign up if you are interested. Deck the Mall is tonight. The floor with the highest representation gets $100 in floor funds.

Secretary Yohe: Highest by percentage or total number?

Stud. Bod. Pres. Raies: Percentage.

VP Largent: Former VP Goode is here. Go talk to him if you are interested in learning how things used to be in senate. Grab lunch or something.

Open Forum

Kolton Eberland presents about a potential chicken coop on campus

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: I understand that you understand how to work and understand chickens. Do you have plans for after you leave? Have you considered starting a club?

Citizen Eberland: We will teach people the skills needed to care for the chickens.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: I would suggest making a club so we have an organization to handle that in the future.

VP Largent: Have you talked with Martha Jeske? She is the person who started the Scrum Gardens.

Senator Gibbs: I emailed her and invited her to this meeting. It doesn’t seem like she thinks this is an issue at this point as long as the chickens are kept away from the bees so they don’t eat them.

Senator Gorton: How will we keep chickens in the coop at night?

Citizen Eberland: The chickens roost at night. If we put a lock on the door, that will keep students and raccoons and stuff from getting in.

Senator Nutt: I may have missed this. Where will it be located?

Citizen Eberland: The same general area as the garden. There is a pretty large area that is open.

Citizen Pop: How do you expect the chickens to be maintained over Christmas break and summer?

Citizen Eberland: We will have to have club, and find people who will be here over break. Maybe get people involved who are permanent residents like married students.

Senator Vanecko: Two things. One: There are a lot of stray cats on campus. How do you protect the chickens during daylight? Second: Have you considered the risk factor for students who enjoy pranks?

Citizen Eberland: I have three cats that never bother the chickens, but they are not stray. The chicken wire is the size of a quarter, so they couldn’t get in. To prevent other things from getting in, you can staple chicken wire to bottom and put down rocks on the bottom so nothing could dig under. It also looks better that way. As far as students, if you really wanted to get in there you could cut the wire.

Senator Vanecko: I'm not as much concerned about security, but more whether students will take them for pranks.

Steve Conn: I want the record to show that a chicken prank sounds amusing.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: One thing to consider as far as pranksters is talking to UPD and putting up a camera.

Senator Foster: As far as pranks go, if people want to pull a prank they can find animals.

Senator Gorton: Where would the eggs go?

Citizen Eberland: Would they be able to go to SAGA?

VP Largent: Steve, do you know where the food from the Scrum Gardens goes?

Steve Conn: I have no idea.

Senator Imken: It is given to members of the community or shared at a bonfire.

Citizen Eberland: I know a lot of students go camping, and they would be welcome to take eggs.

Senator Vanecko: On that note for eggs, there is a possibility that students could pay for eggs straight from the organization. I grew up with local eggs and would love that.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: That's a fantastic idea, but there is a problem with sanitation and such.

Citizen Eberland: We can get someone to come out and test the chickens and we could get the flock approved.

VP Largent: I think that our recommendation for you is making a club and seeking funding from us or go under the Scrum Gardens.

Secretary Yohe: I know that the funding for the Scrum Gardens comes from a grant that Martha got for that specific purpose. I don't know if you would be able to get funding from that grant or not.

Stud. Bod. Pres. Raies: For breaks, there will always be people on campus. It's just a matter of finding somebody interested in taking care of them. I think it is a good idea.

Senator Gibbs: Or you could cook or sell them.

PPT Foust: I think over break married students or people staying in the apartments would take care of them if they got to keep the eggs.

Citizen Eberland: It's really only a once a week thing.

PPT Foust: I would say that we would be happy to help fund stuff, but you need to come up with plan for longevity and who will maintain it. A club is a good idea. Sort out logistics such as taking care of them over breaks and when you leave.

Citizen Eberland: Over summer break, the easiest thing would be to sell them and start over in the fall.

VP Largent: Is there anything else for open forum?

Senator Ferrill: There was some opposition from my floor to building the outdoor basketball court. The opposition is mainly due to the fact that that area is one of the few natural areas on campus.

PPT Foust: That plan was actually come up with by Kristy Morgan. The idea is to make that area more usable. It's not like its going to take up huge area. Also, it will be an area where you can set up picnic events. Dr. Lunsford wants to make a sidewalk that goes around pond and basically make that area look usable.

Senator Gibbs: Do you know if this will mess with the disc golf course?

PPT Foust: The only construction issue is moving one of the disc golf holes.

Senator Vanecko: Have you guys seen or used gaga ball pits? I think it would be a good thing to add to that area. They are scalable too. That might be something that is good to put in that area.

Senator Imken: I have been hearing a larger volume of complaints than normal about chapel. I think it would be a good idea to bring in Kaylee Salser and talk with her about some of them.

Stud. Bod. Pres. Raies: What kind of problems?

Senator Imken: The number of chapels you have to get, speakers. Stuff like that.

Steve Conn: I think we should think about exact problem we are trying to address. Then we can bring in Kristy, or the campus pastor if we have one by then, and members of the spiritual life committee.

Senator Nutt: I would like to propose an idea for senate to put up a once a semester newsletter. A few people on my floor would like regular info released, like where different schools are headed. Just an idea for people to work with.

VP Largent: Most senators write weekly emails to their floor like that. Foust has a posterboard for the information. If you wanted to expand that to all of Senate, I guess we could.

Citizen Pop: Maybe starting a school newspaper, just once or twice a semester. Talk about new things to LETU.

VP Largent: If you want to work on something, we can pursue that next semester.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: Last week we mentioned bringing back the faculty award thing. I was talking with my floor and they mentioned that due to the requirement that senators have enough free time to attend session and such, a lot of education and engineering majors are senators and that the award would be biased as a result. Maybe have the voting should go through floors rather than just members of Senate.

VP Largent: Foust?

PPT Foust: If we were to do it, we would have senators nominate and students vote for people. It wouldn’t just be senators deciding.

VP Largent: When Student Life talks about it in committee, I'll make sure this gets brought up.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe motions to adjourn.

Meeting adjourned at 11:41 AM