Session of March 9, 2017

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March 9, 2017

Minutes Recorded by: Alisa Wilson, Senate Secretary

Guests: Charity Drummond from Bon Appetit, Linda Fitzgerald from Auxiliaries, & Bon Appetit Executive Chef Robert, Citizens: Marcus Miller (T3), Andrew Reid (T1)

Call to Order at 11:00 am

Opening Prayer by Senator Hartsfield

Roll Called

Approval of Minutes

Minutes approved

Senator Bergman added to the roll.

Officer Reports

PPT Largent: Nominates Derian Cordero to Financial Appropriations Committee.

Nomination approved.

Senator Ladner added to the roll.

PPT Largent: According to the attendance, Austin Davy has missed five consecutive sessions so he is now removed from Senate.

Committee Reports

Sen. Hartsfield, Student Life: I was hoping for an update on the prayer garden by this week. Sorry to disappoint, but there will not be one today. We’re waiting for them to get back with us. Hopefully that will happen when we get back from spring break. I will be back early from spring break early and will go talk to them personally. They liked the idea so it looks like it will happen.

Senator Hartsfield reads his resignation letter.

Senators Rose and McConnell added to the roll.


VP Goode: There will be no session next week for spring break. I hope everyone has great plans for spring break. I was asked this morning by LSM President Matthew Staley if we could provide additional volunteers for their community BBQ on April 6th. Student Life committee please get in contact with him. This may be a few minutes early but the Constitutional amendment has passed the 10 day waiting period and passed with a two-thirds majority vote of over half the student body, so it has been officially ratified.

Open Forum

Charity Drummond, Linda Fitzgerald, and Executive Chef Robert hold question and answer session with Senate about Bon Appetit meal service.

Summary of main points discussed:

• Meal plans structured so that it is designated for one student to have three meals a day

• Meeting with LeTourneau to discuss contract for fall semester is March 20th

• Hive currently closes at 9:00 pm; extending the hours is top priority for discussion in March 20th meeting

• Introducing new foods from international students; chefs are open to being approached with new ideas and recipes

• Important to fill out comment cards

• Coaches of any athletic team can email Charity and she can have to-go boxes ready for all of their athletes when they miss meal windows

• Thank you for the food being really good lately

• Trash can that used to be by conveyer was moved to back; you can put all trash on conveyer

• Possibility of bring root beer back

• Do not remove comment cards from board

• Regularly checking drink machines to make sure everything is full

• Keeping paper towel dispenser by door full with small wastebasket

• Can also email comments to Charity or submit online at Bon Appetit’s website

• Daily menu available online

• Possibility of tracking online number of meals used and flex money left – currently software engineering project

• Bin for silverware at right side of conveyer belt

• Chik-fil-a day possibility

• Meal equivalences at the Hive are determined by what is economically feasible, Hive is typically a retail operation instead of a meal plan operation

• Aviation meal options

• Food truck outside aviation center

• More grab and go options

Meeting Adjourned at 12:04 pm