Session of March 22, 2018

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March 22, 2018

Minutes Recorded by: Daniel Yohe, Secretary

Visitors: Steve Conn, Michael Butz, Chief Shltz

Call to Order at 11:00 AM

Senator Bechard opens session in prayer

Roll Called

Approval of Minutes

Senator Imken: Hootennany is on the 6th, not the 7th.

Minutes approved at 11:04 AM

Old Business

Senator Bechard: T-shirts. Got a quote from them, based on getting a dozen that are exactly the same. Trying to figure out how much it will be for individual shirts. If there is money left over you will get your change back. By next week I will have another update on that, this weekend is crazy with IMPACT.

Senator Beckham motions to bring tabled amendment to the floor.

Motion passed

SP18-SB7 brought back up

Motion to add Senator Ladner to roll

Motion passed

Senator Spiers motions to vote by show of hands

Motion seconded

12 for, 4 against. Amendment passes

New Business

Senator Bechard motions to bring a bill to the floor

Senator Reid seconds

SP18-SB9 is read. “On-Time Funding Bill of Spring 2018 Part 2”

Senator Imken: It is a rather large sum of money. Why?

Senator Bechard: They are a new club, and they had a lot of stuff to go through before they could get started. This will help with startup costs, swimsuits. Each individual gets a swimsuit. They have member dues, which will be increasing after this semester.

Senator Nutt: They don’t have sponsorship like rugby has. They will be looking into that and fundraising.

Senator Spiers: Swimsuits get expensive, especially if they are custom.

VP Largent: How much over the $10,000 does this put us?

Senator Bechard: $85.

Bill is approved

Senator Bechard motions to bring a bill to floor

Senator Gorton seconds

SP18-SB10 is read.

VP Largent: Kevin asked us to fund this. It's secret, don’t share about it.

Senator Beckham: Motion to friendly amend to allow bill to be referred to after Hootenanny.

Bill amended.

Senator Reid: Motion to add friendly amendment to section B so that, after Hootenanny, we can say what the money was spent on.

VP Largent: During hootenanny it will be showed that we did that.

Motion not seconded.

Treasurer Butz: I'm not 100% on the procedure for it, but I believe if you want that reflected, you can add an amendment to this later. You can add info that doesn’t change the bill.

VP Largent: We don't need to bring it back up, just add to the explanation and reasoning.

Senator Bechard: I do know that, as I heard from Executive Cabinet, they are planning on funding $800. They are now requesting an additional $1000. FAC will look into that.

Bill passes unanimously


VP Largent: IMPACT retreat is this weekend. In the spring, if you are considering being a committee chair, PPT, or Sergeant-at-Arms you can come. Or leadership in general, you are invited to come. We need to know your name by this afternoon. It starts tomorrow at 6.

Steve Conn: When I say the word invited, I do mean invited. Daniel [Yohe] is required to be there. It's all speculative, if you want to come you can. Not a burden.

VP Largent: After senator elections and other elections, those people will be required to come to the fall IMPACT retreat. Come talk to us after session. Bon Apetit has new pastries in the Hive, they have a sign up for those. They will have a weekly special from lunch to closing. They are also adding grab and go healthy breakfast options. Saga is posting a daily menu board with healthy meals at each station.

Steve Conn: I heard they are going to have waffles at the Hive, same as Saga.

VP Largent: Are they Texas shaped?

Steve Conn: I cannot confirm or deny the shape of waffle.

VP Largent: Senator elections going live this afternoon. This is the election for next year. We are doing a Google form now, and there is a link to the form on the papers. It is also on the wiki. You can fill out the form with your name, contact info. Next Thursday will be the close of that. We will get people trained and sworn in so we can carry out officer elections.

Senator Bechard: Can we put up a sign up sheet in the commuter lounge?

VP Largent: Yes.

Senator Spiers: For elections, there will be an increase in a total of 5 seats in Senate next semester. Gilbert is gaining 2 since they are going back to being by individual floor. 41 and T3 have increased by 1. Davis 2 has gained a seat.

Open Forum

Chief Shultz speaks.


Senator Spiers: [about removing parking label by dorm, moving to 'residential' stickers] Does that include apartment and quad parking?

Chief Shultz: No, separate parking is part of the privilege to be in that housing.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: You mentioned that you will get rid of the zones?

Chief Shultz: Not the zones, but designations on the stickers.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: I also heard a rumor of assigned parking spaces.

Chief Shultz: That was not something brought to me. If we charge for spots, maybe.

Chief's comments on guard escorts from cars to dorms, as well as the possibility of starting tornado drills.

Senator Reid: I have a question about carry. In the past it's been if you are over 21, and have your license to carry the gun has to be locked in your car. Is that still the same with the new laws?

Chief Shultz: We are an opt-out campus. We chose to not allow concealed carry on campus.

Senator Bechard: What is the policy regarding fixed and long blades?

Chief Shultz: It is still the same, no change.

Senator Bechard: I've asked because of a blacksmithing club on campus.

Chief Shultz: They are legal to have off campus, in the car. Not in dorms.

Treasurer Butz: The student handbook says no fixed blades regardless of length. Am I remembering that correctly?

Chief Shultz: Yes.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: For the blacksmithing club, can they store blades at UPD if they don’t have cars?

Chief Shultz: We will do that to help maintain safety. We have done that with bows and arrows, so that will be acceptable. I know that some people are looking at starting a clay shooting club. If that happens, we will do that. We acquired an old safe from student life, we can possibly use that.

Senator Spiers: Is it possible to create a loophole so the blacksmithing club can create blades on campus? Knives are often good practice.

Chief Shultz: We’ll have to address that outside of this meeting with student life. I see the issue, and we may have to designate where and how it is done.

Senator Cordero: Isn't there an exception already an exception for decorative blades?

Chief Shultz: I don't know what it is. If it is not an illegal thing, I don’t deal with it. Law enforcement doesn’t always know if it is decorative, so that's when it becomes an issue.

VP Largent: Is there anything we can do for you?

Chief Shultz: We have a total of 12 guards right now, 6 are graduating. We want you guys help us spread the idea of see something, say something. I don’t mind getting a call and investigating nothing. We've had calls on suspicious persons who are fellow students or staff. I don’t mind that as opposed to not addressing it at all.

Students dismissed for noon classes. No quorum to continue meeting.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:55 AM