Session of March 17, 2016

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March 17, 2016

Minutes Recorded by: Alisa Wilson, Senate Secretary

Call to Order at 11:00 am

Roll Called

Minutes approved.

Senator McConnell added to the roll.

Officer Reports

P.P.T. Goode: Senator Larsen resigned. You can remove him from the roll. The committee chairs met on Sunday. We worked on the constitution. It's close to being finished. We'll be meeting in HH 140 this Sunday at 4:00 to present the constitution.

Sen. Naas: What exactly is happening?

P.P.T. Goode: The constitution does not accurately reflect the type of government we're running. We are doing a large, comprehensive review to try and make sure the constitution matches the way our government works. If you're interested, please come.

Sen. Meadows: There was much confusion with the bill last week. We'll be starting over this week.

Committee Reports

Sen. Washington-Jones, Events: The Senate event is this Saturday at 8:00. If you want to help set up that would be awesome. Mostly just make sure people come. This Saturday at 8:00 by the pond.

Sen. Hartsfield for Student Life: The Student Life office approved the movies we are thinking about buying. We have picked a spot for the prayer garden. I will talk to Facilities Services today. We will have to come up with a plan for what the actual garden will look like.

Sen. Largent, Public Records: We will be taking pictures again today if you have time after session. If you're a new senator and not on the Current Senators page, it's because I don't know what floor you're on. We are also working on bios. If you want information on your bio, send it to Senator Read.

Sen. Read: I'll be sending out an email to people asking for information for your bio.

Sen. Naas, FAC: Previously senators requesting reimbursements have sent receipts to Wanda Davis. As of this week, all purchases will be sent to Brady Ladd, CPO #1077. Contact Brady if you have any questions.

Old Business

New Business

Sen. Meadows: Bill brought to the floor: "Club and Organization Recognition Act of Spring 2016 Part 5," formally recognizing LeTourneau Yellowjackets Nerf Club.

The bill passes.

Sen. Hartsfield: Amendment brought to the floor: "Senate Bylaws Amendment for the Student Life Committee of Spring 2016."

V.P. Hollis: Keep the discussion to a broad, general overview. If you have questions, wait to be recognized.

Senator Hartsfield reads the amendment.

Sen. Iverson: The purpose behind this is to make Senate the best it can possibly be. It is a way to help Senate be a better organization and help the student body understand the organization.

Sen. Hartsfield: It is an internal structural change.

Sen. Hoos: Has anything changed since last time you presented?

Sen. Hartsfield: Section F was taken out. It will be modified at a later date.

Sen. Iverson: We realized there were changes needed to be made in it that affected more than just Student Life. You can direct questions to P.P.T. Goode.

Sen. Jobe: In review, for the timeline for the appointment of specialists, is it necessary to limit it to three weeks?

Sen. Hartsfield: At the beginning of the semester, they're voted to those positions. For existing spots, they are filled within three weeks. If there is a vacancy, it can be filled within three weeks.

Sen. Butz: There might be some things that come up where there would need to be a specialist for only a certain period of time. Once that area of issues has been resolved, could a specialist position be dissolved?

Sen. Hartsfield: Yes, immediately.

Sen. Iverson: The idea is if something came up, a specialist position could be created and filled.

Sen. Largent: Question about the third committee meeting: perhaps there should be a word after the creation of the specialist position to give a deadline for vacancies that would occur during a semester?

Sen. Smith: Clarification on specialist: is it in there that they have the authority to call meetings or call upon other members?

Sen. Hartsfield: Yes.

P.P.T. Goode: If we're going to change the line, we should motion to friendly amend.

Sen. Largent: If all sponsors are in agreement, I motion to make a friendly amendment.

The bill is friendly amended to add a deadline to fill a vacancy for a specialist position that would open during a semester.

The bill is voted on by ballot.

Yes: 31

No: 0

Abstain: 1

The bill passes.

Open Forum

V.P. Hollis: Senate elections are starting today. If you are in South Hall, you will not get your flyer today. I will figure out how they will need to be dispersed later based on floor rearrangements. Otherwise, you need to come get your flyer. Everyone will have to go through re-election. You will not have to go through training again. You are responsible for the flyers. They go up today, come down next Thursday, and go to Senator Whipple. Put your contact information and my email address at the bottom so they can ask questions. My email is

Sen. Largent: Do we put current next to our name?

V.P. Hollis: Your name has to be on there. You can put current. Senator Iverson will be putting up all of Gilbert's flyers. Every floor can have two senators.

Sen. Whipple: Make sure you grab them. If I have any leftover, I will be upset.

V.P. Hollis: This is your priority today. New senators will be trained but not sworn in until the last meeting of the semester. If you are interested in being P.P.T. or a committee chair, I need to know by 1:00 today if you are interested in going to the Impact retreat this weekend.

Sen. Bergman: For elections, if it does come down to a floor election, does a representative from the Elections committee have to be present?

V.P. Hollis: No, Senator Whipple and I will figure it out. The RA will be emailed and they will decide how the election is done and will contact us back with who their senators will be.

P.P.T. Goode: What are the times for the Impact retreat?

Steve Conn: If I know you're intending on going, I can send you a schedule. It begins Friday at 6:00 with dinner. Then on Saturday from 9:30 to 3:00. It officially goes until 9:00 on Friday. There will be optional fun later.

Sen. Iverson: If we are already have an Impact position, how would we split out time between Senate and our other position?

Steve Conn: I would have to know how many people are coming as senators. Once I find out a roster, I can help make that decision. When you let Brittany know if you're coming, let her know what other positions you have.

Sen. Butz: This is the first I've heard about it. When is it?

V.P. Hollis: This Friday and Saturday. The only people from Senate attending are committee chairs and people interested in being P.P.T.

Steve Conn: For years there's always been a big communication issue between Senate and Impact because elections aren't not happening until later. In general, senators are not coming to the Impact retreat because we do not know for sure who will be in Senate next year. But I didn't want to completely exclude Senate, so if you are interested in a leadership position, you are invited. It is not a requirement you missed, you can elect to come if you want to pursue further leadership. We're just trying to have a better handle on who will be there.

V.P. Hollis: We're limiting it to potential P.P.T.s and committee chairs.

P.P.T. Goode: Reminder that this Sunday at 4:00 in HH 140, we are reviewing the constitution. This is your chance to have a say in that.

Senator J. Swehla motions to change the name of the Senate event.

The name change does not pass.

Meeting adjourned at 11:34 am.