Session of March 1, 2018

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March 1, 2018

Minutes Recorded by: Daniel Yohe, Secretary

Visitors: Steve Conn

Call to Order at 11:02 AM

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe opens session in prayer

Roll Called

Approval of Minutes

Minutes approved at 11:04 AM

Committee Reports

Senator Bechard: We met with swim club. Tonight, FAC will not be having a meeting. One of us has a meeting and my girlfriend is in the hospital for the day. Only one of us will be available, please feel free to contact us with questions. We have a couple of new clubs: Journalism Society, Blacksmithing Guild. If the Smash Club is not recognized by Friday, the money allotted to them will be distributed to other clubs.

Senator Ladner: The election is done. Results will be announced soon. We couldn't get a chapel announcement.

Senator Imken: Perhaps the announcement can be made in the form of a chapel slide instead.

Senator Ladner: That's boring;.

Senator Bechard: Can the elections committee get a megaphone and announce the results under the bell tower all day?

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe motions for a belltower announcement

Seconded by Senator Imken

Motion not voted on

VP Largent: Can you get Jake to send it out in the Buzz app?

Special Business

Senator Eadah’s resignation letter is read.

New Business

Senator Beckham motions to bring amendment to floor

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe seconds

SP18-SB7 read. “Constitutional Bylaws Executive Elections Amendment of Spring 2018”

Senator Ladner motions to friendly amend amendment to read: “by request of Kristi Morgan and Steve Conn” rather than "administration"

Motion seconded

Motion passed

Senator Bechard: I like it in that it doesn’t force it to be bipartisan since three individuals have to approve removing candidates. The student body might feel that there are only two viable candidates anyway.

VP Largent: I have a clarification statement. If all three positions have three candidates, it is very time consuming with debates and executive cabinet chapel. It's not really feasible to have more than three. This only takes effect if all positions have more than three candidates.

PPT Foust: The main concern I had is if four really good candidates are running. If the administration removes one, the student body or Senate can petition to put that person back in if they get the necessary signatures.

Senator Bechard: Since it reads specifically: “if the number of candidates for any position exceeds three". Shouldn’t it read: "when the total number of candidates exceeds a certain number and one position has a certain number”. If one position has seven is reduced down to three, we could have four for president, one for anything else. There's no need to have an equal number of candidates for each position. The total combined positions comes into play.

Senator Ladner: I don’t think we want seven people running for anything anyway. After last year we had five for president, but no one cared about anything but the presidential election. In that instance, there was some desire by the elections committee to restrict the number of candidates, but they had no power.

Senator Walters: It's not hard written, but the phrase “may be removed” does mean that they don't have to limit the candidates, but it is an option.

Secretary Yohe: In section D, the way it reads makes it seem like if the number of candidates for a certain position exceeds a certain number it must be reduced to less than three. I think this should be changed so there is no requirement to reduce the candidates for a position to a certain number.

Senator Ladner motions to friendly amend section D to read: “If the number of candidates for a position exceeds three, one or more candidates may be removed from that position to a minimum of three remaining candidates, by a unanimous vote.”

Motion seconded

Motion approved

Senator Ladner: For all parties, do we want everyone to have a vote? I am thinking, for example, of Emily McCloy who is president of LSM. Shouldn't somebody like that have a say in this process?

Senator Bechard: I think it is a good idea for the person being replaced to have a vote. They should be able to sit in and be a part of this process.

Senator Ladner: As far as Hannah Eisen for YAC, does she get a vote?

Senator Bechard: I don’t see why not.

Senator Vanecko: Do we want to clarify that if one of those candidates is running for a position they can't be part of this process?

Senator Bechard: Can we get feedback from current YAC president, Kevin Boatman?

Kevin Boatman: I think it would be helpful to get the current president of YAC as well as Hannah Eisen involved.

Senator Nutt: On a slightly different topic. I hope this isn’t an issue for people running for Executive Cabinet, a lot of people aren’t familiar with the full extent of the rules. In the process of doing this, would they be informed of the ability to overturn the results of the candidate selection process, or of this bill in its entirety?

Senator Ladner: I did send out emails telling people to be familiar with certain things. The person in my place would direct people to read everything involved for their position and send emails to them with links to what they need to know.

Senator Bechard: In the event that someone was removed they can go to the student body and they can appeal the results. They need to be responsible for themselves.

VP Largent: In that case they can come to Senate and get our permission to run or get signatures from the student body.

Senator Nutt: That’s what I meant, just making sure candidates know this process exists.

PPT Foust: It is the responsibility of the elections committee to tell them if they've been removed, but you can override this decision if you get one-third of the student body's signatures or convince two-thirds of Senate to support you.

Steve Conn: I would assume that would be given in the elections packet, and they'd be notified of what could result from their interview with the committee. We just need to make sure this is transparent and not a surprise move.

VP Largent: For those who don’t know, the elections committee sends out an informational packet about each position to the candidates.

Senator Bechard: Motion to bring the bill to a vote.

VP Largent: Since it is an amendment, it must be tabled for ten days before it can be voted on.

Senator Ladner motions to table the amendment

Motion seconded and passed


VP Largent: Tomorrow, there is a basketball game at 4:40. There will be a viewing party again in the Great Room. There will be hot dogs, Cokes, popcorn and ice cream, which will be served from 4-4:30.

Steve Conn: Are they serving ice cream at the game?

VP Largent: We are serving it in ASC, in the Great Room.

Open Forum

Senator Bechard: Sorry to be late on it, t-shirts will be ordered tonight. I'll let you know when the are delivered and will give them to you.

Steve Conn: I have the results from the student satisfaction inventory survey. One of the things that came up is that people kinda don’t like Saga. Compared to the national average and the CCCU, we like Saga more than most, but no one likes their dining halls.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: A lot of students here come from three homemade meals every day and don’t have experience eating meals made for lots of people.

Steve Conn: Anytime you eat institutionalized meals three times a day every day, people don’t tend to like that. Tony and I are having a meeting today with people from Bon Apetit. Don’t want to tell them to “be better” but want specific things to share with them. Do you guys have any things I should mention?

Senator Vanecko: In the Hive, it would be nice to have healthier meal swipe options and diet options. They've made improvements and I'd like to see that continued. Basically more variety in that area.

PPT Foust: One of the big things is Hive ticket times. When its busy it will take longer, but when they are not busy it will take 30 minutes. Sometimes people who order afterwards get their food first.

Senator Worrell: A lot of people on my floor specifically have been going to the Hive and they are losing orders. This issue has increased this semester, and I don’t know the cause. Me and my roommate have experienced this three times. Also, inconsistencies in time to get meals. Sometimes a quesadilla takes five minutes, other times it takes much longer.

Senator Ladner: First, ticket times and missing food. They had a broken ticket machine that just got fixed. I've worked in fast food, and it is often easier to get food out faster when it's busy.

Senator Ferrill: The menus they switched to don’t actually work. Sometimes it will only show pictures of fries endlessly instead of the menu boards.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: I would suggest either the slides they go through cycle faster or have three screens show food options like they used to.

Kevin Boatman: I have a friend who is aviation. The time when the Hive opens to the first bus is not too long. It sounds like people are dragging their feet in the morning, and it sometimes takes like fifteen minutes for them to get rolling.

Steve Conn: From what I am hearing, the Hive is the place where people are least satisfied?

VP Largent: As far as Saga is concerned, the breakfast servings are super small. Sometimes I just want a big thing of eggs, but don’t get a lot. I understand they are trying to ration them out for everyone, but at least put an adult sized scoop on the plate.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: I think the reason a lot of people are focusing on the Hive instead of Saga is that it is easier to fix. To make food better you have to use better ingredients.

Senator Imken: People have always been asking me for more meal equivalency options.

Senator Ferrill: Something else I remembered about the Hive, the options for the Taqueria are not consistent. There is no way to know what there is for sure until you get there.

VP Largent: Also, sometimes they put cilantro on all the meats, or jalapenos. Some people don’t like the spiciness or flavor of that. When they put something across the whole Taqueria, it makes people not want that. Sometimes people don't see that until after they've paid for their meal.

Steve Conn: Or they roll the burrito wrong.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: That's why I get a bowl and roll it myself.

Senator Vanecko: I like the Valentine's thing they did.

Kevin Boatman: Every time I've seen them do specialty stuff, I have heard almost entirely good feedback from that.

VP Largent: I liked the mini king cakes for Mardi Gras.

Senator Nutt: The Hive’s water dispenser in the soda machine has been a little jacked up. If you want more than just a trickle, you have to push it a certain way. Also, I do not know who is in possession of this receipt: I do not have the receipt for last week's ice cream. If you have that or any other receipts, let me know so I can keep the spreadsheet updated.

Senator Ladner: One more thing for Steve, can we get root beer at the Hive or Saga?

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: On the speeches in chapel last week, I think there should have been a moderator. I don't know if constitution should reflect that. When there is no moderator, people can go over the limit and take too much time. Also, when people close in prayer they are seen as more spiritual and this gives them preference and respect in the eyes of others.

Senator Nutt: Unless I am mistaken, Senator Ladner was going to moderate the speeches but the Belcher Center staff has had bad experiences with moderators talking and going over chapel time.

Senator Ladner: I was not told that but did know that we have a tendency to go long.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: One solution to that is to give all candidates two minutes to speak. The moderator can simply tell candidates when their time is up.

Senator Ladner: Some people can't say everything they need to say in two minutes.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: If you aren't able to say what you need to say in two minutes, you don't know what you are doing.

Senator Nutt: I know Belcher can shut off lights and mics at two minutes. Two minutes is enough, just don’t fly by the seat of your pants and plan out what you need to say.

Steve Conn: I'm not particularly passionate about this topic, but typically there is a moderator. I don't know if they are mad at one person (Owen) or there was an incident that annoyed them. I don’t think it is a big deal either way, but Belcher doesn’t need to tell us that. We’ll do a good job.

Senator Vanecko: We’ve had one issue in the past, but there needs to be a way to make sure people stay on time.

Kevin Boatman: Only thing with going over is for the last person to speak. People start leaving when chapel is supposed to end. The Belcher crew is supposed to be there until chapel is over.

VP Largent: This is something currently not defined in the Constitutional bylaws, so it is for the elections committee to decide.

Senator Bechard: Along the lines of the time limit, prepared candidates should know what they need to say. If I know I have two minutes, I will get up there and get it done. Point of speech is not to show off, but to educate and be concise. Also, it is difficult when the incumbent is the last to be heard. The elections chair should come and say those are your candidates, please vote, and close in prayer so we don't have that advantage.

Senator Ladner: I know on that, the final speaker was asked to give an announcement about the watch party.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: There was a time for announcements. If there was an announcement it should have been made during that time.

Kevin Boatman: Ultimately, that falls on me. Should have gotten an announcement time. I probably should have done that during my speech time if anything.

VP Largent: As we've seen, getting a chapel announcement is difficult.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe motions to send the discussion of adding the role of moderator for executive cabinet chapel to the elections committee

Motion passed

Senator Bechard motions to adjourn.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:47 AM