Session of January 31, 2019

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January 31, 2018

Minutes Recorded by: Kayla Yohe, Secretary


Call to Order at 11:01 AM

Senator Murphy prays

Roll Called

Approval of Minutes

Minutes approved at 11:07 AM

Officer Reports


Committee Reports

Senator Beckham – Constitution Committee meeting at 4pm, Stebbins conference room in Longview Hall.

Senator LaQuey – Student Life Committee. Probably changing time of our meeting. Discussed setting events in future next month. Senate ice cream Friday, we always need people. We need the white board, and we will also have Sherbet for people with allergies.

Special Business

Senators to swear in: Kathryn Brenner, Drew Miles, Matthew Richard, Aaron Meyer

Senators Sworn in.

VP Yohe – Since PPT Gorton is not here, we cannot do nominations.

Senator Murphy – If the PPT is not here, who does it fall under?

VP Yohe – I believe PPT Gorton is the only one who has requests from new senators.

Senator Reid – I only heard from two, so other two need to email PPT Gorton about preferences.

VP Yohe – We cannot officially do that, but I’m going to ask if she can tell you which committee you will be assigned to, but you won’t be officially nominated until next week.

Old Business

VP Yohe – Regarding the amendment proposal, have until next week to be voted on. Talk to floors. Next week, people come in with written record, number spoken to, number for and against. Don’t come in with only 3, or a general response. For new people and reminder, on something this big, I want this to be sure that the floor has spoken. Last time we had something on this scale in 2017, resolution for security cameras. 25 votes, only a few abstained because the floor was split. Challenge you to think about that. If floor leaning one direction, go with that. Voting on that next Thursday. Be intentional this week.

New Business




Open Forum

Senator Randolph – I was looking at old bills passed. Saw that previously purchased markers for white boards. Erasers in Glaske are useless. Thinking of purchasing erasers and white board cleaner. For the classrooms in Glaske. I don’t know about Longview Hall.

VP Yohe – We purchased for the school? I thought for Senate use?

Senator Murphy – Spring 2014, funds allocated to Student Life to distribute to floors that requested them.

Senator Reid – They were used for Senators to use on white boards for their floors. Some used for ice cream.

VP Yohe – For Glaske, if someone else wants to bring to attention of the ladies at front desk, maybe not aware. I do not want precedent that we buy supplies for classrooms. Talk to them, if they don’t plan on doing it, we can discuss. Class fees should be going to those supplies.

Senator Murphy – Another bill about markers. Senate used $50 to purchase markers for ASC collaboration rooms. No record in Glaske and Longview Hall classrooms. On record in wiki.

VP Yohe – It’s worth addressing, but first line of action should not be a Senate funding bill.

Senator Reid – Has anyone else heard back on Buzz care?

Senator LaQuey – I was chatting with Dean Conn this evening about that. Dean Conn present to discuss this.

Dean Conn – Asking me questions? What do you want?

Senator Reid – I was wondering if floors had given feedback.

Senator Worrel – The most reaction was why? Not met with hatred, but most don’t see the need at the moment. Later that night, RAs gave cards with info. They have more information. Mostly met with confusion.

Dean Conn – Good response for LETU students actually.

VP Yohe – Add to list of things to talk to people about.

Senator LaQuey – We have some events coming up. Two ideas. One is an event to get to know Executive Cabinet. Best done after Spring Impact trips. Done in previous years. Other is unrepresented floor nights. Sunday afternoon, post-election season, late March/April, have Senate session with food. We have everything together, able to talk to other people from floors that are not represented. I want feedback on that, and any other event and project ideas.

VP Yohe – The main goal is to get people to come meet with us that don’t have a Senator. Enticement of free pizza, if you want to call it. I think main goal is to be we want those people to share opinions and goals without feeling like Senate is trying to recruit them. Hearing from them, not just telling them Senate is great. Some don’t care.

Senator Reid – Last session, idea proposed to bring Elections and Constitution together. Asked for PR&R to look up combining of Student Life committee in previous years.

Senator Murphy – All records from that point have been deleted from someone with wiki power or are hiding in PDF form. My computer may not like PDF. Records of academic committee, just that it existed and now doesn’t. Still working. Have not found records of how it took place. Was two committees, now one, missing parts in middle.

Senator Beckham – Possible that merger was not recorded in any form. I will consult people I know were involved and see if they can bring anything.

VP Yohe – do you know when the merger happened?

Senator Beckham – I know the old Chair of Academics committee.

VP Yohe – Somewhere in minutes?

Senator Beckham – Possibly.

VP Yohe – So Elections and Constitution. If combined, two sub under one? How would that change anything?

Senator Reid – The idea was to have one committee, first semester focus on Constitution, second semester focus on Elections. Still have manpower to do a little of both. Senator Nutt brought that up.

VP Yohe – I think since he brought it up, we should leave discussion to ask him his opinion and why he brought it up.

Senator Randolph – People don’t like flags not in the library.

VP Yohe – That is an ongoing complaint, probably no change in that regards. Maybe come up with other solution instead?

Senator Murphy – Basically, I’m in south. Entire ground floor international, not thrilled about flags going away. Discussion of writing petition and sending to President Lunsford and his wife. To my understanding, that was shot down. Flags are in some location. Idea brought up to give flags to students to have them display them somewhere else. I thought it was cool as a previewer. Practically half of the building wants them up.

VP Yohe – Long story short, library was redesigned over summer, and flags did not fit with redesign. Not made by students. We can petition and ask, but we have no power to change this. Come up with another solution.

Senator Beckham – Article 5, section L. Any student can place something in the Executive Election to consider this. Can formally request that the flags be placed for executive elections.

VP Yohe – If some students would care about it enough, we can pursue that. We can do whatever we can, making no guarantees.

Senator Reid – Same flags as international chapel?

Senator Murphy – We are talking about the smaller ones. Go week flags are different.

Senator Brenner – My floor would like them hung up in saga.

Senator Murphy –You could bring that up to Charity. Another idea was to put them up in South Hall lobby. Still doesn’t represent whole dorm, but easier to put them up.

Senator Brenner – That was original point, place in South. Someone said when they previewed, it was cool in a public area.

VP Yohe – If students care enough, we can find a solution somewhere. Something Bon Appetite may be interested in. We could discuss with them.

Senator Reid – Motion to Student Life to talk to Bon Appetite.


VP Yohe – We can start there. If no traction, go forward with putting something in general election to show student interest.

Dean Conn – I do know there are people on staff who have advocated for this, and have not been successful. My understanding if that staff with not be successful. If someone like me or another person not saying they will champion, not because we don’t care, just know that it won’t be effective for you. Needs to be a student initiative. Won’t find faculty sponsor with more influence.

Senator Murphy – I have heard a lot of conversation, specifically from entirety of my building. Comments and complaints about how chapel operates. Way chapel currently runs. Each of them do not fulfill 38 requirements for semester. Every MWF not sufficient, extra opportunities conflict with other events. Athletes especially struggle to get required amount of credits. Asking if there was anything we could bring up. Tried talking to Dr. Mays, wasn’t able.

VP Yohe – I’m not cleared to share anything I don’t think.

Dean Conn – I don’t remember. Changes to chapel policy coming. Nothing big and crazy, but not my thing to say. Not meant to be hidden, you will be told. People are going to be pleased with the changes. I think it will benefit people. Any conversations about that will need to be tabled until the changes arrive.

VP Yohe – With future plans, that issue will not continue to be an issue.

Senator Beckham – I want to point out life groups are always at regular chapel times.

Senator Murphy – Pointing out that on life group days, they miss because of leaving for weekend tournaments. Also extra events.

Senator Reid – From being an ex-student athlete, any time event that causes you to miss chapel, the coach sends in a credit for missed events.

Senator Murphy – The coach is responsible for every team?

Senator Reid – Yes.

Senator Murphy – Maybe I have the wrong information. Freshmen mostly. Maybe they do not know this exists. Some students mentioning that they are not getting chapel credit they should be. Maybe miscommunication with coaches.

VP Yohe – Tell them to talk to their coach. As long as I have known, that has been a thing because they almost always miss Friday chapels. Possible some students are over exaggerating.

Senator Beckham – It is possible their difficulty is due to their own negligence in attending what they can attend.

Senator Reid – Maybe they are unaware if they receive credit for the additional events that they miss.

Citizen Patterson – What events?

Senator Reid – Evening chapel, World Café, etc.

Citizen Patterson – The only ones accredited are the MWF blocks. As a student athlete, no semester that it was not possible to attain the required amount. If complaints from freshmen, probably negligence from them. Plenty of opportunity. It is provided for us.

Senator Murphy – This wasn’t just freshmen, upper classmen as well. Current or former athletes. Just this semester. About the MWF chapels don’t meet the 38, if only counting those chapels. Even though athletes get the chapel credit, the other opportunities that help meet that requirement are usually missed. Nice to see if there were more at varying times. More variety

VP Yohe – From what I have heard, there should always be sufficient number of MWF chapels to meet the 38

Dean Conn – You might have to be in a lifegroup. If you use that, and MWF chapel, then there is enough.

VP Yohe – If not attending lifegroup and skipping academic, they will not reach 38.

Senator Reid – Excluding days we have off and including lifegroup, 42 opportunities.

Senator Richards – On behalf of freshmen. More clarity that life groups were required to reach their requirement. Clarification in the future.

Senator Miles – If there is some reality to the issue of attending night chapels. Possible for some applicable to watch chapel and make up.

VP Yohe – Yes, always opportunity to do make up chapels.

Citizen Patterson – We have a responsibility to meet that requirement, as part of being a student. 6th semester being student athlete, it is difficult. Understandable to complain, but we signed on to this. In student athlete orientation, Coach Dieke makes it clear that we have the responsibility to reach chapel requirements. My advice, this was your choice. Again, you are still required to get these chapel credits in order to enroll. They know it signing up. I agree with Senator Richards about making what are lifegroups more clear, and that they aren’t entirely optional. More planning on the students end. Place emphasis that they are supplemental. Help get closer to spiritual formation quicker.

Senator LaQuey – With this student body, we need to educate ourselves on what are the opportunities and encourage our floors to attend those. Up to the students to attend, but we can help and encourage them in that.

VP Yohe – To add, if you guys send out floor emails, something to add. Something to note, lifegroups good idea if you want to hit 38. Talk to RA. If many confused, we need to disperse to our floors

Senator Miles – I have observed as someone who missed for sickness, freshman not aware that they can send an email and get exemption. People not as aware that there are tools to utilize.

Senator Reid – Do you ever have to present evidence?

Senator Miles – Yes. Some grace given. You need to have evidence ready to give to them. If currently at hospital, you can have RA email them, and get info to them later.

Senator Amon – For freshmen, max number allowed for lifegroups. More lifegroups than freshmen can attend.

Dean Conn – That will change.

Senator Reid – Each year, allowed more opportunities. Intent to have students attend chapel itself. It does limit how you can get them.

VP Yohe – Will not be issue in future years. Make it through this semester.

Senator Richards – When are sign-ups for lifegroups?

VP Yohe – An email will go out.

Senator Reid – You can go online and register. First lifegroup on February 11th.

Senator Miles – Students don’t realize there are other lifegroups that do not show up on life group days. Some have anyone can show up policies. Additional opportunities available. You can go to chapel block life groups, and those other days.

Senator Reid – Sign-ups for life group, each has where and when it meets.

VP Yohe – You are allowed to sign up for multiple.

Senator Miles – Speaking to the fact that most students don’t know they can be in both.

Senator Brenner – They may not give you both, have to contact.

VP Yohe – I have heard others do both. Could be leader not doing it right.

Senator LaQuey – Lauren Land requesting assistance for Hootenanny tailgate party. Have done in the past, something to think about.

VP Yohe – Far away, so be considering but we do not have to do anything actionable for next couple weeks.

Senator Reid – Many of you may know Jesse from saga. Students have been driving him home from work. Sometimes has to walk home. Maybe offer him rides if you are available at night.

Senator Miles – What are you suggesting? Saying we should talk to floors?

Senator Reid – Yes.

Senator Murphy motions to adjourn.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:50 AM