Session of January 25, 2018

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January 25, 2018

Minutes Recorded by: Daniel Yohe, Secretary

Visitors: Treasurer Michael Butz, Student Body President Joshua Raies, Steve Conn

Call to Order at 11:07 AM

Roll Called

Approval of Minutes

Minutes approved at 11:09 AM

New Business

Senator Beckham motions to bring a bill to the floor

Motion passes

SP18-SB1, “Constitutional Amendment Act of Spring 2018” read

Motion to friendly amend Section C to read “effective upon ratification” rather than “effective upon passage”

Senator Bechard: In Article 1, I have a concern about pay. Since Student Senate pays for the executive cabinet members' salaries, I don't think it is appropriate for Executive Cabinet to hire the Treasurer.

Treasurer Butz: With that, when Executive Cabinet met on it, I met reservations with Executive Cabinet hiring the individual because that needs to come out of Executive Cabinet funds. If it is a hired position rather than elected, it will be a lot harder for them to justify having them have a vote in important decisions. It lends credibility to the individual if Senate or Student Life were to hire them. I recommend to Senate that the administrative and treasurer coordinator need to go through the normal process of signatures and speeches because they are still representatives of students. This will allow interaction and allow the student body to get to know their representatives.

Senator Vanecko: I certainly agree that if the Treasurer is compensated by Senate, either us or the chairs should have a say. As a counterpoint to what you were saying about the election process, that would create confusion as to why the student body isn’t electing the Treasurer, which would add complications. I could be wrong, but my understanding of why this change is happening is the fact that the people working with the Treasurer need a more selective process. I feel that only changing who is actually voting instead of the whole process seems counter to making the change in the first place.

Senator Bechard: I agree with you. If individual is elected by Senate or Executive Cabinet, they are beholden to us. We are representatives of our respective floors. After the election, we can hold an open forum so people can get to know them. If 95% of the student body doesn’t like the person, that is their opportunity to tell Senate it is an issue and we can take action. We should avoid the confusion of them being hired and still having to go through the rest of the process.

Steve Conn: How do you think about appointments like the US government does them: appointed by the Executive Branch and approved by Senate?

VP Largent: That’s how it currently works for vacancies.

Senator Beckham: All of the concerns that have been raised can be resolved by amending how the Executive Cabinet bylaws work. This wording currently works for our purposes.

Treasurer Butz: If we make these changes, the election process should be in Senate Bylaws and the job title should be changed in Senate bylaws instead of being moved to the Executive Cabinet bylaws. I request to Senate to add a line in the job description that says something to the effect that the administrative and treasurer coordinator is to follow the concerns of the student body. That was the key thing I wanted to keep in mind as I brought this up.

PPT Foust: The idea of having Senate approve Executive Cabinet's appointments is a bit of a power check. Giving Executive Cabinet the power to change their bylaws to appoint positions can allow them to override Senate.

Stud Bod Pres Raies: In clarifying this position, we want this position to be more regulated by Executive Cabinet itself, since they are the ones directly benefiting from their service. Now the administrative and treasurer coordinator does not directly represent the student body, but rather Executive Cabinet. Since officers' pay currently comes from the Senate budget, we may need to alter the Executive Cabinet pay process to accommodate.

VP Largent: That is a Constitutional bylaws thing.

Senator Vanecko: I have a comment on the power disparity between the media coordinator and treasurer. There is a big difference between someone who is in charge of our social media appearance and person in charge of managing the money. The Treasurer should be some student body representative, even if it is only through Senate.

Treasurer Butz: I highly disagree with the assertion that the Treasurer ought to be primarily representative of Executive Cabinet because then there is no financial representation to the student body except FAC. That aspect of student body concerns will not be represented.

Stud Bod Pres Raies: In that case, Senate needs to create another position that serves that purpose.

Treasurer Butz: Executive Cabinet has the right to request the Secretary to be present at meetings for that purpose.

Senator Nutt: If we switch this position to Executive Cabinet, maybe we can give the Treasurer a seat on FAC so they can hear our side of things. They can come to our meetings and hear what is going on.

Treasurer Butz: Part of having the student body Treasurer is representing student body concerns to administration. If they become part of Executive Cabinet, the student body’s voice gets taken away. IEEE had $1700 taken out of their account without their knowledge, and the student body has the right and method to find out about this. The student body has not used the Treasurer in this way and we didn't have the spending oversight officer. Changes being made to decrease the amount of authority the Treasurer has to more of an administrative assistant. My intention with this was to increase representation of the student body's interest to administration. I was not a part of the conversation that drafted this amendment. What ended up coming out of that meeting is the opposite of what I had intended.

Senator Bechard: I move that we close debate and move on because there is much debate.

Senator Vanecko: Directly related to that, what would need to happen in order for that to be changed so that this can move forward?

VP Largent: There would need to be a clause either here or in the bylaws.

PPT Foust: It is easiest to add a clause, ‘as defined by executive cabinet along with approval of 2/3 of Senate”.

Senator Bechard: I move to amend the amendment to read as Senator Foust suggested.

Amendment to amendment approved.

VP Largent: That is the current rule for approving other nominations.

Senator Ladner: I motion to bring this to a vote.

Motion to vote by roll call

Motion for roll call vote approved

VP Largent: If this amendment is approved, we can propose to ratify it after 10 class days (February 8). This is just a proposal.

Senator Bechard: By voting aye, are we voting for or against?

VP Largent: For passing it.

Amendment carries 13-2.

Voting Record

VP Largent: We will now present this to the student body and see where it goes.

Senator Bechard motions to bring a bill to the floor

Senator Imken seconds

Motion approved

SP18-SB2, “Homecoming Funding Act of Spring 2018” read

Senator Bechard: Is this about the same as what we had for Harvey Hustle?

VP Largent: Lauren Land asked us to sponsor this again. There will be a homecoming tailgate on the patio in ASC. We will serve ice cream and they have an inflatable or something.

Senator Bechard: The first weekend of April?

VP Largent: Whenever homecoming is.

Bill approved

PPT Foust motions to bring a bill to the floor

Senator Walters seconds

Motion approved

SP18-SB3, “Friday Ice Cream Social Bill of Spring 2018” read

Senator Bechard: Is it possible to have an automatic allocation at the beginning of the semester for this? Automatic allocations occur in some other cases, is this something that can be moved or something we have to do every semester?

VP Largent: That is something for FAC to answer.

Senator Bechard: I move to send this motion to FAC.

Motion approved

Bill approved

Senator Beckham motions to bring bill to floor

Senator Walters seconds

Motion passed

SP18-SB4, “Foster Memorial Fire Tornado Bill of Spring 2018” read

Senator Ladner moves to immediately vote on the bill

Senator Imken seconds

Bill fails again

Senator Bechard: For your information, FAC is meeting at 5 PM tonight in ASC. You are more than welcome to join us and ask questions. FAC is about to get a new slide out for club budgets as they only run for about two weeks.

VP Largent: What is the deadline for that?

Senator Bechard: The 31st. Other than that, we only have 3-4 club budgets. I'll send out another email.

Senator Boyce: Where do we send those?

Senator Bechard: Send them to student Senate, and they will be forwarded to FAC. There will be a slide in chapel and ASC. I’ll send another email highlighting Senate’s email address.

VP Largent: I realized I forgot officer and committee reports today.


VP Largent: Senator Gorton needs volunteers for ice cream. 3:45 tomorrow.

Senator Bechard: Senator Spiers on GroupMe responded.

Senator Bechard motions to adjourn

Senator Ladner seconds

Meeting Adjourned at 11:47 AM