Session of January 12, 2017

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January 12, 2017

Minutes Recorded by: Nathan Kleoppel, Senator

Call to Order at 11:02 am

Roll Called

Approval of Minutes

Minutes approved

Committee Reports

Sen. Hartsfield: I need to nominate a co-chair. Caroline Pop will be co-chair again with the PPT's approval. Another thing: two semesters ago, there was a safety campus and safety committee. One thing we were working towards was a resolution by Senate to tell the school where they need more security cameras. That is something Chief Schultz has asked us about. I asked him yesterday, and it was never resolved. He said he would still like that proposal. In the next coming week, the Student Life committee will be meeting about it. If you have questions, bring those. And we still need ice cream volunteers.

Sen. Bergman: Next Wednesday is the IMPACT informational meeting. If you are interested in any of those positons, then come get more information at that meeting. That is next Wednesday at 7:00 pm in ASC Great Room.

Special Business

Resignation from John Rudy read.

Resignation from Sean Ross read.

DJ Jobe sworn in.

Old Business

VP Goode: We do have a tabled amendment that needs to be approved.

Sen. Yohe: We have not met and addressed the issues since last meeting, so we do not believe this amendment is ready to be presented today since we have not met since the session before break.

Senator Davy motions to table the amendment.

Amendment is tabled.

New Business

Sen. Hartsfield brings bill to the floor.

PPT Largent: To clarify, it’s a tailgate on the patio of ASC with inflatables and ice cream. Someone provides food typically.

Sen. Ladner: I would like to make it clear that the inflatable is sponsored by Senate.

Sen. Hartsfield: I can ask Lauren Land if she can make that clear in some way.

Sen. Hicks: Inflatable what?

Sen. Hartsfield: Honestly, I don’t know.

Senator Davy motions to put to an immediate vote.

Bill is approved.


VP Goode: Wednesday at 7:00 pm in ASC Great Room is the IMPACT meeting. I would like to have as many people there as possible. It is one of our primary recruitment opportunities. Please wear your Senate shirt if you can. We will be filling vacancies and recruiting for next year. And you can sign up there for Executive Cabinet elections. The position of Vice President will be open for us. You must have two full semesters in Senate and be at least a sophomore. Next week’s session will not be in HHH-104. An international student event will be in here, so we will meet in Education 117 and 120, which is the big room in the Education building. Unless there is major opposition to that, we will go forward with having it over there.

Open Forum

Sen. Davy: Last semester, I heard my floor had some equipment from a club that was dissolved. He was wondering if he could keep it or if he needs to return it.

Sen. Rose: I have been in talks with Steve Conn about such things and if the equipment was bought with funds by Senate or school, the equipment should go back to the school itself. However, if the school does not want it, then there is a possibility it can be worked out the individual can take it home.

Sen. Hartsfield: Did they buy it with money we gave them?

Sen. Davy: Yes.

Sen. Hoos: I would not agree because I could start a club, buy a TV, and dissolve my club.

Sen. Davy: He has had this equipment for four or five semesters now.

PPT Largent – How long has MOBA club not been a club?

Sen. Davy: Four or five semesters I believe.

Sen. Foust: They are not abusing the system by bringing it up in Senate. We should keep that in mind.

Pres. Smith: Is there any possibility the club could be reinstated within the next year per say?

Sen. Davy: I have seen no desire to resurrect it. ACM does a LAN party every once in a while and there isn’t much attendance to that event as far as I know.

VP Goode: Is there any other club that could use the equipment?

Sen. Reed : Which club is no longer in existence?

Sen. Davy: MOBA club is the club no longer in existence. ACM stands for Association of Computing Machinery.

Sen. Reed: I did a couple games and needed networking equipment. Is there a way Senate could hold on to them and make them available to checkout?

VP Goode: The problem is that things get forgotten and abandoned in a short time. I’d like to find a solution other than holding them ourselves.

Sen. Jobe: Student Life was talking about taking inventory of all the equipment we do have. We would then have an inventory of it.

Sen. Davy: My dorm would be in favor of Senate taking it to lend it out for events.

VP Goode: It does not require formal approval. So if we are willing to keep track of it, we can proceed.

Sen. Williams: What exactly is the trashcan or wooden box next to the bell tower?

VP Goode: That is the large electrical box for Deck the Mall lighting.

PPT Largent: That box hangs around the bell tower throughout the year.

VP Goode: Nobody moved it back I guess. Hopefully it is moved back soon.

Sen. Williams: I have heard students say it’s tacky.

VP Goode: Student Life can send an email or just move it. Those are both possibilities.

Sen. Foust: Does anyone know what happened to the bell tower? Last year we had a working tower. I heard it was going and there was a song playing at 8:00 in the morning. It would ring on the hour.

VP Goode: Apparently there were several pushes by Senate to stop the bell tower.

Sen. Hartsfield: I talked to co-workers who said it had been tried to be fixed multiple times and it still doesn’t work so it may stay broken.

Sen. Davy: Can we motion to have them stop fixing it?

VP Goode: Would we like it to stay silent, ring hourly, or quarter hourly?

Sen. Pop: Coming from a freshman who has only heard it once, every hour would be nice for the newbies.

Sen. Yohe: It would be nice if the clock on the bell tower worked.

VP Goode: Go talk to your constituents and see what they would like and we’ll briefly discuss it next session. It would be good to know what students want.

Sen. Hartsfield: I was going to explain some of this next week but I am going to do it now since we have time. In regards to wanting more cameras, there has been sever break ins over Christmas break. A lot of stuff has been stolen. The cars seem to be homegrown, the residence halls seem to be non-LeTourneau students. Keep your doors locked. Chief Schultz has been pushing who comes in and out the dorm doors. But we only have it in a few dorms right now, so that is one thing Chief Schultz is wanting.

VP Goode: Chief Schultz is speaking the week after next.

Sen. Hartsfield: That’s why we are wanting to do that.

Sen. Foster: How many security cameras are by the apartments?

Sen. Hartsfield: Yes, we have some back there.

Sen. Foster: Can we get more back there?

Sen. Hartsfield: Yes, you can never have too many cameras. We want more all across campus.

Sen. Jim-Daniels: You mean on the door themselves, or on the building above the door?

Sen. Hartsfield: There would be a camera attached to the building watching who goes in and out.

Sen. Jim-Daniels: Can they not just go through the windows?

Sen. Hartsfield: That’s much more obvious once people hear breaking glass.

Sen. Yohe: If they didn’t go through the window over break, how did they get in?

Sen. Hartsfield: They used a time when the doors were propped open while bookshelves we being moved.

Sen. Davy: Does administration have access to the feeds?

Sen. Hartsfield: Yes. The administration does not regularly monitor, but the rest are monitored by us and they can have access to that. If you are aware of a crime being committed, you can be an accomplice. Don’t cover it for a friend. Come forward please.

Sen. Williams: How often do you check cameras?

Sen. Hartsfield: Chief Schultz has his office and the patrol office has a big TV with most of the cameras on at one time. Our main concern is not to sit and watch cameras continuously. If we aren’t on patrol we are watching it. But we record it and can go back and see it.

VP Goode: It’s not a bad thing to visit UPD. Please take the time and go visit UPD and Chief Schultz sometime.

Sen. Hicks: How long do the records stay on the feed?

Sen. Hartsfield: I’ve watched a recorded feed from a couple days before.

Sen. Jim-Daniels: Would an accomplice be given immunity by coming forward?

Sen. Hartsfield: If it can be handled in house, it is much nicer. If things get to the point with the DA and the justice system is involved, it’s not a good thing.

VP Goode: There are avenues to give information both anonymously or not. Additional side note, US system of law and school rules are dealt with differently. Some does overlap.

Sen. Hartsfield: LETU likes to keep things in house if possible. The goal would be for it to not leave LETU.

Sen. Foster: If it does go to a higher level, make the deal first before giving information.

Sen. Hartsfield: I pulled over many people recently, they say they don’t know the speed limit is 20 mph. Everywhere on campus is 20 mph except by married student housing which is 15 mph.

PPT Largent: Over break, Senator Martin and myself changed over to AWS and a new wiki version. Let us know of any problems or bugs you find.

Sen. Reed: I only have half of the bios. There was an assignment on Canvas to do that. Goode – Senator Dunn can take care of that.

Sen. Dunn: I can repost it on Canvas.

Sen. Jobe: Can I get added to the email lists?

VP Goode: See me after session and we will make it happen.

Sen. Pop: As a freshman again, a lot of people weren’t notified of their assigned roommate until super late. How could we find out about our roommate before an hour ahead of time?

VP Goode: Should be under a tab of myLETU.

Sen. Butz: Student Life tab, then residential info, then it should show the information there. It has historical data too.

VP Goode: If there is any further questions about that, email Tony Zappasodi.

Pres. Smith: I mentioned it earlier with some of you, but for Student Life, a Lego corner would fit very well for LETU students.

VP Goode: That was discussed and unanimously shot down. Unless we chained them to the floor they would disappear.

Sen. Butz: Another issue with that here is if we are still wanted to do the prayer garden the cost is greater. Legos are not cheap.

Sen. Hartsfield: One quick statement: if you see something suspicious on campus, call us. It gives us something to do at least. There have been people on campus who shouldn’t be. Call us please.

Sen. Williams: Who do I refer students to talk to about chapel related issues?

VP Goode: Kayley Salser I believe is heading up chapel records. Also, the search for new campus pastor has found a few applicants and they are continuing to look for more. Those candidates will not be selected.

Pres. Smith: I had a meeting with Dr. Lunsford and they couldn’t decide now. Another thing, we are looking at extracurricular that would be good for both current and prospective LETU students that we don’t have. If you have any ideas, within reality, come tell me.

Sen. Hoos: Yearbook club.

VP Goode: Yearbook is an interesting topic. Save that for Dr. Morgan next week. If you all remember, Steve Conn introduced us to some of the organization of school administration at the beginning of the year, so with that Dr. Morgan will be speaking to us next week so please be here.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:47 am.