Session of February 23, 2017

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February 23, 2017

Minutes Recorded by: Alisa Wilson, Senate Secretary

Guests: Kevin Boatman (2A), Henry Cooper (2A), Kevin Lam (2A), Marcus Miller (T3), and Andrew Reid (T1)

Call to Order at 11:03 am

Opening Prayer by Senator Yohe

Roll Called

Approval of Minutes

Minutes approved

Committee Reports

Sen. Pop, Student Life: We are having an event next Thursday celebrating Texas independence. We want to have free salsa from 3:30 to 4:30. Feel free to come out and I believe Owen has said you can dress in western wear.

VP Goode: I will temporarily suspend dress code if you come dressed as Texans.

Sen. Pop: Encourage everyone to dress up and have fun.

Sen. Bergman, Elections: Debates were last night. Thank you to everyone who came out. Encourage your floors to come to Elections chapel on Monday. There will be speeches and voting.

Sen. Jobe, Student Life: With the prayer garden, we met with Ben Haywood yesterday to talk about a sidewalk, flowerbed and cross as the centerpiece of garden. He is presenting the idea this week. We’ll know within the next couple sessions if we’ll be able to do that.

Special Business

Resignation letter read from Jonathan Kladifko.

New Business

Sen. Butz: Bill brought to the floor: "Club Funding Bill of Spring 2017," allocating $10,000 to fund clubs across campus.

Sen. Gibbs: I’m part of the committee for the research symposium for the Business school, could we receive funding? We’re not sure how or if the school will fund it.

Sen. Butz: That would not be under this act, that is something that you as a senator and we as FAC can draft a bill as a separate event to help support that. We’ve done similar things in the past.

Sen. Hoos: How do we learn about some of these clubs? Many of these I’ve never heard of.

Sen. Smith: Many of those are long standing clubs, new and old. I think we should have it documented somewhere.

VP Goode: It should be available on the university website. Ultimately, it’s on the clubs to market themselves.

Senators Rose and Foster added to the roll.

Sen. Vanecko: Could you briefly go into how you chose to divide the funds for the different types of clubs?

VP Goode: There are two types: clubs and organizations. Clubs are re-recognized every year. Organizations are sponsored more by the university. We are an organization for example.

Sen. Butz: We have not separated in the past based on stated goal or purpose in a formal fashion. When we discuss as a committee, we consider it but we look more at what is it that is club is trying to do and what their budget is. How effectively are they using their money to reach that goal? Are there ways they could improve that? We give feedback in the presentations. An example is Habitat for Humanity. They want $6500 worth of new equipment. We gave them feedback to come up with a schedule for how they can use that money over the next two or three years.

VP Goode: I’ve observed the process of FAC and I can attest to this committee’s fairness and dedication.

The bill passes.

Sen. Hoos: You never asked if anyone opposed.

VP Goode: I determined the ays had it as per Robert’s rules.

Sen. Foust: Bill brought to the floor: “Texas Independence Day Event Funding Bill of Spring 2017,” allocating $250 for the purchase of food and supplies for the event.

Sen. Malinowski: What is the date, time, and location?

Sen. Foust: Next Thursday, March 2nd in ASC at 3:30.

Sen. Butz: Motion to amend the bill to add the date and time.

The bill is amended.

Sen. Imken: Given that LeTourneau has people form many states, isn’t this event discriminatory?

Previous question is moved.

Bill passes

Sen. Yohe: Amendment to the Constitution of the Student Body brought to the floor. Explanations and reasoning read. Changes presented.

VP Goode: Any errors in the list can be rectified at a later date without affecting the contents of the amendment itself.

Sen. Malinowski: Motions to limit debate until 11:40am.

Debate is not limited.

VP Goode: We really need to vote on this today to get it presented with the general election next week.

Sen. Pop: Why is it that the president was changed to student body president but the opposite for vice president?

Sen. Yohe: For clarity and understanding.

VP Goode: I can attest to the dedication and time the committee has put into it.

Sen. Yohe: This is a very comprehensive list of every single thing we changed.

Sen. Hoos: In section E, I don’t see anything about how you would address if the president vetoed a bill.

PPT Largent: That would be brought up as old business.

VP Goode: There are lots of procedural things. Robert’s Rules is almost 700 pages long.

Sen. Read: What is the process for changing the bylaws for non-Senate organizations?

VP Goode: Look at Article VII.

Sen. Read: It says that the cabinet members can change their compensation which is in their bylaws. They can’t change their own bylaws can they?

VP Goode: They can, but that is accounted for. Changes don’t go into effect until the following year. Both LSM and YAC sections were changed in conjunction with those organizations.

Sen. Rose: What was the reasoning behind getting rid of the section on clubs and organizations lobbyists?

Sen. Yohe: It is established in the Senate bylaws. It does not need to be at this level.

PPT Largent: The amount of students needed to vote is a two thirds majority but only a third has to vote.

Sen. Jobe: The amendment will allow the student body to vote. Is it clear what the process is?

VP Goode: Yes, in Article VII Section A. If they wanted to completely change the structure entirely they could do it, but the dean’s approval is still required.

Sen. Yohe: We can put that in the constitutional bylaws.

Sen. Read: In Section C, what is the purpose for the ability to suspend the bylaws?

Sen. Martin: That’s required to suspend thigs like dress code for fun.

VP Goode: Occasionally we run into a reason where you need to.

PPT Largent: Last year a chair resigned and I wanted to fill the position but the bylaws required a week to wait. Suspending them allow you to go around procedure when needed.

Sen. Malinowski: Motions to vote by roll.

Constitutional amendment passes the Senate.

VP Goode: The next step is for the Constitution to be presented to the Executive Cabinet and Dean of Students. Should they approve, it will be presented to the entire student body. There is no time limit on how long they may vote. Hopefully within three days we will have at least half the student body’s votes, with over two thirds of those saying yes.

VP Goode: The Constitution will be on the ballot pending dean approval.

Sen. Hoos: Does that mean it will only be available for those three days?

VP Goode: Should we not have the required number by the end, we will explore other options.

Sen. Jobe: I suggest we consider when we propose this during the chapel.

VP Goode: As the MC, I will be presenting this and plan on being concise and referring them to the document. There will also be a link on ballot to the document.


VP Goode: The ASC conference tournament starts tonight. Our basketball team has done a great job so come and support. There will be a taco truck on campus between 6:30 and 7:30 in the ASC turnaround. Share the news. It is free to students. Elections chapel is Monday. No Talent Show is next Saturday. They are still looking for acts. Next session will be back in HHH 104 with Ken Johnson from IT presenting about the wireless internet situation. PPT Largent will be leading session in Texan style.

Open Forum

Sen. Ladner: When will Bon Appetit be in session?

VP Goode: March 9th.

Sen. Rose: Are you suspending dress code?

VP Goode: If you dress like you’re Texan.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:50 am