Session of February 2, 2017

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February 2, 2017

Minutes Recorded by: Alisa Wilson, Senate Secretary

Guests: Student Body Treasurer – Jeremy Goossen, LSM Treasurer – Alisa Wilson, YAC Representative – Ben Shelton

Call to Order at 11:03 am

Opening Prayer by Senator Bergman

Roll Called

Approval of Minutes

Sen. Pop: Above where I spoke to Senator Hartsfield, I said there will be free food and it will potentially be on Sunday night versus that Saturday night.

Minutes approved

Committee Reports

Sen. Foust, Student Life: Our event will be next Sunday the 12th. I have a Sign Up Genius for volunteering that will get sent out today. We’ll be talking about it shortly.

Senators Kleoppel and Ladner added to the roll

New Business

Sen. Hartsfield: Resolution brought to the floor: “Security Camera Resolution of Spring 2017.”

The resolution is delayed until open forum.

Sen. Foust: Bill brought to the floor: “Senate Cookout Event Funding Bill of Spring 2017,” allocating $550 for the purchase of food and supplies for the event.

Sen. Ladner: What is the date?

Sen. Foust: February 12th.

Sen. Malinowski: What is the time of the event?

Sen. Foust: 6-8 pm.

Sen. Imken: Where?

Sen. Foust: ASC patio, 6 to 8 pm, February 12th.

VP Goode: An announcement will be sent out later today.

Bill passes.

Sen. Foust: Bill brought to the floor: “Friday Ice Cream Social Act of Spring 2017,” allocating $1,750 for the purchase of ice cream and supplies for Friday ice cream.

PPT Largent: The fall budget ended on the 12th day of the semester. This should have been passed last week. This will cover last week’s ice cream that was purchased.

VP Goode: For the record, this is much better than the last two years.

PPT Largent: Last semester we allocated $2,000, but only used about $1,500, so we dropped it $250.

Sen. Walters: The title says act but later in section A it is called a bill.

The title is friendly amended to read bill.

Sen. Jobe: We always run out of ice cream by the time people with class until 4:00 get there. Is it possible to buy more ice cream for the later classes?

Sen. Foust: I did notice that. I will try to make ice cream available for those if possible.

VP Goode: If it looks like we’ll run out of money we can pass another bill.

PPT Largent: What if we move the time from 3:45 to 4:15 instead of 3:30 to 4:00?

Discussion of time change moved to Student Life committee.

Bill passes


VP Goode: Two weeks from today the Supreme Court of Texas is coming to campus, I think from 9:00 to 11:30 on February 16th. There has been interest from some of you. I will let you know if we’ll be having session on that day. If you have not done the Student Life survey, please complete it.

Pres. Smith: I also suggest filling out the Student Life survey. The data has to be across the whole student population. Put in your input, otherwise it is hard to change things.

VP Goode: Encourage your floors to fill it out as well. There are basketball games at ETBU this Saturday at 1:00 and 3:00. The basketball team is doing fantastic this year. Bon Appetit will be coming to speak in session later this semester. Before that happens, they have requested a meeting with the committee chairs, myself, President Smith, and PPT Largent. We’ll be discussing more sensitive issues there before coming to session. However, I would like all your opinions first. We will be launching a discussion board that you can post to. We will be relying on your information.

Open Forum

Student Body Treasurer Jeremy Goossen gives Senate budget presentation.

FAC Chair & Spending Oversight Officer Michael Butz gives presentation on Senate spending.

LSM Treasurer Alisa Wilson gives LSM budget presentation.

YAC Representative Ben Shelton gives YAC budget presentation.

Sen. Hartsfield: Resolution brought to the floor: “Security Camera Resolution of Spring 2017.” Chief Schultz asked us to do this. He has been trying to get a budget for more security cameras for the past couple of years. If you have your floor’s opinions, now is the time to bring those. Vote for your floors.

Sen. Jobe: I will say that a lot of the concerns were about people spying on us. I want to reiterate that that is irrelevant. No one has the time to do that.

Sen. Hartsfield: That is true. None of us have the time to watch them all the time. If we do have to go back and watch them, it’s typically not in real time. Or we watch them real time if we need to see what we’re getting ourselves into. They will be at entry and exit points.

Sen. Hicks: He said he doesn’t know exactly how many. But does he know about how much it will cost and where the funding will be coming from?

Sen. Hartsfield: He does but I don’t.

VP Goode: We will not be funding it. The purpose is to throw weight behind it for Chief Schultz.

Sen. Martin: Is the intention to vote on this today?

VP Goode: If we can.

Sen. Gibbs: Have you talked about getting signs to put up? There has shown to be about a 75% difference in crime rate by having signs that our campus has cameras.

Sen. Hartsfield: That has not been brought up as far as I’m aware of. I will talk to him about it.

Sen. Hicks: Has anyone thought about sending out a survey to students?

Pres. Smith: I’m guessing the amount of input would be less than if you talk to your floors and bring their opinions back here.

VP Goode: I believe we have a good representation of the student population here.

Sen. Jobe: I don’t think the whole student population has enough knowledge about it either. Sending out a survey would be limiting their ability to have accurate information that they can get by talking to one of us.

Sen. Yohe: On behalf of my floor, to clarify, are the cameras outside the dorm or inside?

Sen. Hartsfield: Most likely right inside the door pointing down at the door.

Sen. Imken: After discussion with my floor, their concern was with all the other security measures like the card scanners, why are cameras necessary?

Sen. Hartsfield: There was not one isolated incident. There have been other incidents but I can’t say more. It’s not purely reactionary, is it also preventive.

Sen. Jobe: Those IDs we have can also go missing. It’s not that hard to get an ID. You can follow someone inside. Cameras will also be in parking lots. It’s easy to get into buildings with or without an ID.

VP Goode: I would like to note that if we dismiss for those with 12:00 classes, we won’t have enough senators to vote. If we want to vote on this today, it needs to happen now.

Sen. Gibbs: Quick addition: yes the cards do get lost easily and the school would not be able to see who got in if it is opened from the inside.

PPT Largent: Because of transparency we want to have for our floors, I motion for roll call vote.

Roll call vote approved.

The resolution passes.

Sen. Hartsfield: If you have questions, please ask me. Give your floors my email.

Sen. Hoos: What is the split in order for this to pass?

PPT Largent: It’s not defined so it is a simple majority.

Sen. Hoos: It should be defined.

Sen. Jobe: The disparity should be announced.

VP Goode: Yes, it will be part of the public record.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:51 am