Session of February 18, 2016

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February 18, 2016

Minutes Recorded by: Alisa Wilson, Senate Secretary

Guests: Student Body President - Morgan Weaver, Parent & Students Relations Officer - Lauren Land, Michael Butz, Jonathan Foust, and Marcus Andrew Smith

Call to Order at 11:01 am

Roll Called

Approval of Minutes

"Sen." added.

Minutes approved.

Senator Davis added to the roll.

Officer Reports

P.P.T. Goode: Committee chairs did not meet this week because it was Valentine's day and many people were busy.

Sen. Meadows: Senator Hebert is not in dress code. But he has an excuse of leaving his khakis at home. He will have them back after spring break. Most everyone else seems to be good. Senator Davis, do you have a Senate polo?

Sen. Davis: Yes, but it's in the laundry. I figured it would be better to wear a polo instead of dirty Senate one.

Committee Reports

Sen. Whipple: We had the elections debate last Monday and it went really well. It was a good opportunity for students to hear from the candidates. This Monday is Elections chapel, where candidates will have the opportunity to give speeches. Encourage your friends to be there and vote.

Sen. Iverson: Will the voting link be emailed to everyone?

Sen. Whipple: It will be emailed, similar to a survey.

Sen. Largent: PR met last night and some we made some changes to the bill format. If you have a bill and want it put on the wiki, send that to Senator Kleoppel and he can get that on the wiki for you. We are still taking pictures. If you have a problem with how your picture looks on the wiki, come see me.

Sen. Naas: We had the final two presentations last Saturday, and they went really well. We had our final funding meeting last night which went really well. There were less requests this semester, so we were able to fully fund more clubs.

Sen. Cerceo: We're still working on games and movies, and decided that's what we're doing for the Student Life project. We're about to check the sheet in ASC.

Old Business

New Business

Sen. Naas: Bill brought to the floor: "Financial Appropriations Act of Spring 2016," giving funds to clubs.

Sen. Cerceo: Why did the men's rugby team receive more?

Sen. Naas: Both teams were funded the amount they requested.

Sen. Jobe: Why does the Student Nurse Association only have $75? That seems very low.

Sen. Naas: They had more funds in their account than they realized. They requested more but they did not appear to need it.

'The bill passes.

Sen. Whipple: Bill brought to the floor: "Student Government Election Funding Act of Spring 2016 II," allocating $50 from the Senate General Fund for compensation of the purchase of additional pizza for the elections debate.

Sen. Iverson: Are you saying you bought more pizza than you were expecting?

Sen. Whipple: We realized we had more people coming than we had planned on, so we ordered more.

Sen. Iverson: The bill says "all funds not used revert back," did you not spend all of the $50 being requested?

Sen. Whipple: I didn't have the receipt so I didn't have the exact amount when I wrote the bill.

The bill passes.

Open Forum

V.P. Hollis: Volunteers for Hootenanny are still needed.

Steve Conn: Matthew Henry and I talking with people who made the Buzz app. How interested would people be in creating a safety feature for contacting UPD? They were talking about making a feature to request a "buddy" to walk with.

Sen. Whipple: I think it would be very useful. At my last college, safety features like the blue buttons did get used.

Sen. Hartsfield: I've had parents ask me for those buttons on campus.

Steve Conn: This wouldn't get those put up.

Sen. Jobe: If it were meant to be used just to call for an emergency or to request a buddy, would it end up being used for more?

Steve Conn: That kind of buddy system right now doesn't exist, but if we have the people, we can get the technology.

Sen. Butler: When you have the button, what if you push it, have the information sent to UPD, and they can pick you up and take you where you need to go?

V.P. Hollis: I think it would be useful in case of an emergency situation where someone couldn't speak.

Sen. Wise: I would question how useful that would be. I don't think it would be a good idea to have random people you don't know walking into your situation.

Steve Conn: They're really asking me if we want a ride sharing program. But what would we like to use the technology for?

Michael Butz: As a student, one of the things that I think would be useful is if you could send a GPS invitation to someone you are connected with as friends in the Buzz app. A request can be sent and then either accepted or declined. Then it's not random people.

Sen. Whipple: I would agree. I don't want random people coming to help me. I think it would be a lot nicer if it could be specific people. If you could post and limit who could see it. A lot of people turn off their Buzz notifications anyway.

Sen. Wise: If you only want specific people to answer, then why should we develop a certain system if you could send a group text?

Sen. Largent: And you can send your location over a group text as well.

Sen. Reddy: There's an assumption that it would post to a forum on the Buzz app.

Steve Conn: It wouldn't post to the campus forum. The idea is that either we create a program of students or use existing UPD resources to make a quick contact to a group of people or to UPD to quickly see where they are.

Sen. Reddy: So the Buzz app is essentially a platform?

Steve Conn: This would be one more thing the Buzz app could do. The idea is that the Buzz is the one app you use for LeTourneau. It would have nothing to do with the campus wall.

Sen. Davis: Would it cost anymore?

Steve Conn: No. Ooh La La is a startup company and they're small. They're always improving and they always want to work with us. They'll add features for free if it's their idea.

Sen. Butler: V.P. Hollis had concerns about pressing the button and not be sure about the situation they're going to. Could there be two different buttons? One for a buddy or car, and then one bell for an emergency situation.

Michael Butz: There's some people I've connected with on the Buzz app but I don't have their number. If we're connected on the Buzz app, I could contact them that way.

Sen. Valigura: How are we going to keep people from hitting this button at any time?

Steve Conn: They currently could be calling UPD just for the sake of it. This wouldn't change that, just make it faster. Students are already trusted with the resources they have. I don't think it will raise the level of students prank calling UPD.

Sen. J. Swehla: A lot of people have interest in this so it's probably worth further investigation.

Moved to Student Life Committee

V.P. Hollis: The Security sub-committee is open but be respectful of their rules. If you are a guest or new senator that has not been sworn in and you spoke today, come check in at the end.

Lauren Land, Parent & Students Relations Officer in Alumni Office, gives presentation about Hootenanny weekend, asking for help and ideas from Senate.

Sen. Iverson: If we want to help, who do we talk to?

Lauren Land: You can email me at

Sen. Head: I worked at Space Jam and may be able to help with the inflatables.

Sen. Cerceo: We have a lot of extra money in our budget so we can look at that and see if we can help.

Lauren Land: Email me or talk to any of the students on our committee if you have any more questions or ideas.

Sen. Iverson: I've had many of the faculty tell me they would love to bring their pets to campus for the students.

Sen. Hartsfield: If your floor is not listed on the board, send me an email with the number of vacuums on your floor.

Sen. Wise: Is anyone aware of the International Gala? They're doing it again this year, but it's not a club or organization. It's a professor and two interns. They were asking if Senate would be interested in financially sponsoring the event to make it bigger. If it's for a grade for the students, Senate cannot sponsor it. The event is solely for the student body. They're looking for around $250.

V.P. Hollis: They have the right to still ask for money. We just have to vote on it.

Sen. Wise: I wanted to get everyone's opinion. Next week I'll bring them in here to answer more questions.

P.P.T. Goode: It's open to all students.

Sen. Wise: Yes.

Sen. Valigura: Should we show hands for who is interested?

It is decided that the students will be brought it in next week.

Sen. Hartsfield: Six people were at the Campus Carry meeting last week. Please fill out the survey they sent out.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:41 am