Session of February 11, 2016

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February 11, 2016

Minutes Recorded by: Alisa Wilson, Senate Secretary

Guests: Director of Career Services - Deena Shelton, Student Body President - Morgan Weaver

Call to Order at 11:03 am

Roll Called

Resignation letter from Senator Sosa read.

Formatting and capitalization errors fixed.

Minutes approved

Officer Reports

P.P.T. Goode: Senators Alchammas and Lyons have been removed from Senate. They did not respond to emails and have missed more than three General Assembly meetings. At the Committee Chair meeting, we talked about making Committee Chair reports. This is a reminder of those.

Committee Reports

Sen. Whipple: Our committee is busy again this week. This coming Monday at 7:00 in HH 104 we will have the debates for Executive Cabinet. There will be pizza and cookies. This will be a great time if you have questions for candidates. I would appreciate it if you got people on your floors to go.

Sen. Naas: We met last Saturday afternoon to have budget presentations. They went very well. This Saturday we will meet to have two more clubs present. Next Wednesday we will have our funding meeting to make decisions, and then we'll be done.

Sen. Largent: Public Records Committee is still taking pictures for the Wiki. Please stay after to have your picture taken if you are wearing your Senate shirt.

Sen. Cerceo: Student Life Committee is still working on the Student Life project. If anyone has any ideas for movies or video games, email me suggestions. We're looking for suggestions to get about 10-20 to add to the ASC collection.

Old Business

New Business

Sen. Meadows: Bill brought to the floor: "Club and Organization Recognition Act of Spring 2016 Part 3," formally recognizing Arts Club and Commuter Club.

The bill passes.


V.P. Hollis: YAC President Danielle Lamphear has requested house workers, ticket sellers, shifters, and camera operators for Hootenanny. If you're interested, let me know or email Danielle. They also have a couple of YAC postions open for next year.

Pres. Weaver: Any word back on the bus thing from last week?

Sen. Largent: I had two replies from my floor. The cities requested were Houston, Dallas, Shreveport, and Tyler.

Sen. Butler: I spoke with Frank down at Facilities. He said now the school doesn't let the bus go more than 2.5 hours away. He said the price of this company is the same as any charter company around. The new company looked to be just a little bit less.

P.P.T. Goode: Will they just charge per person?

Pres. Weaver: Each person will buy their own individual ticket. They said there has to be a minimum of 35 people though. I will look into the price of a charter bus.

Open Forum

Deena Shelton gives Vine Up presentation.

V.P. Hollis: We have officially completed vacancy elections. Some new senators are here today. Now we'll move into training and then they'll be sworn in. If you think it's helpful, take these cards with Vine Up and Career Services information to your floor.

Sen. Rose: What is the status of the new polos?

V.P. Hollis: We'll wait until we do spring elections. If you decide not to come back, you'll give your shirt back. With elections we may get an influx of new people and will wait for them to order shirts.

P.P.T. Goode: We'll also do a really large order to prevent this problem from happening again in the future.

Sen. Jobe: The Security sub-committee is working on a resolution to support the campus police department in acquiring new vehicles. We're working on a resolution that puts the student body in support of the chief.

Sen. Hartsfield: Tonight at 7:00 in Berry Auditorium in Glaske, there is a campus carry meeting. Your leaders of this community, so try and be at that.

Pres. Weaver: I would agree. You can share your opinion. The one earlier this week was very informative for me. If you're curious or interested, you should come. It will only be an hour.

V.P. Hollis: Dress code will be strictly enforced from here on out.

Sen. Hartsfield: I talked to Facilities a few days ago and they're happy people are communicating more about what is broken. I will email the phone number to call to Brittany and she will email it to everyone. If you see something wrong, they will be happy to fix it.

P.P.T. Goode: I'm sure most of you know, but you can also talk to your RA and they can put a report in.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:32 am