Session of December 1, 2016

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December 1, 2016

Minutes Recorded by: Alisa Wilson, Senate Secretary

Call to Order at 11:32 am, started late due to lack of quorum

Roll Called

Approval of Minutes

Senator Ladner is determined to be the unknown senator from the previous session’s minutes.

Minutes approved

Officer Reports

PPT Largent: Makes committee chair nominations

Substitute for Senator Hoos added to roll.

Old Business

Sen. Yohe: Tabled amendment brought to the floor: "Constitutional Bylaws Amendment for Clubs and Organizations Recognition of Fall 2016.” The point of this amendment was to remove Senate’s direct participation in approving clubs. We are still in charge of giving funds, but clubs would be approved solely through Student Life.

Sen. Martin: I believe there is an issue in Section A Part III given its history and what Logan Turner said about on and off campus arrangements.

Tabling of the amendment is voted on: no clear majorty

Sen. Martin: Motions to divide the house.

The amendment is tabled.

New Business

Sen. Pop: Bill brought to the floor: "Senate Library Book Funding Bill of Fall 2016," allocating $700 for the purchase of books for the "Student Selection Section."

Sen. Butz: What is the time frame during which this money is expected to be spent? My understanding is that the money not spent is reverted back to the general fund at the end of each semester.

Sen. Pop: The hope is that the library will work on this over the break so the money is spent by the beginning of next semester. Books have already been selected from requests sent in from students.

PPT Largent: All the prices have been looked up on Amazon to buy the books. Once we tell them we’ve approved the bill, they can go ahead and get an official number, makes the purchases, and we can do an interdepartmental transfer to the library’s fund.

Sen. Martin: The library does not have a specific budget for this section.

VP Goode: And this lets us get our name out there. Our sticker will be on each of those books.

The bill passes.

Open Forum

Speaker suggestions for next semester: Dr. Morgan, Tree of Life, Bon Appetit when closer to negotiations, Chief Schultz, Don Egle, Grant Bridgeman, Tony Zappasodi, Dr. Mason, Dr. Liebengood, Terri Deike, new Campus Pastor.

VP Goode: Learn as much as you can from the people who went to the campus pastor open forum.

Sen. Davy: Who is the point of contact for opinions?

VP Goode: Dr. Morgan as well as LSM President Matthew Staley would be good people to talk to. It’s been a wonderful semester. Have a great Christmas. I hope to see all of you back next semester.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:44 am.