Session of August 31, 2017

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August 31, 2017

Minutes Recorded by: Daniel Yohe, Secretary

Visitors: Michael Butz, Steve Conn, Dillon Hartsfield, Josh Raies, Hannah Stone, David Vaughn

Call to Order at 11:00 am

Roll Called

Approval of Minutes

VP Largent: Reid should be Read. We had Senator Zachary Read last semester.

Senator Worrill: Worrill should have two Ls.

Senator Bechard: It is Bechard not Bouchard.

Minutes approved

Officer Reports

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: Just wanted to remind you guys of the dress code. Guests, if you could dress in business attire, that would be great.

Committee Reports

Senator Foust (for Student Life): Student Life Committee will be meeting on Mondays at 6 PM in Stebbins Conference Room. Everyone is welcome to attend. Since we have not had our first meeting yet, we need volunteers for ice cream on Friday, probably 3-4 people.

Senator Gibbs (for FAC): Please let your floors know that deadlines for clubs and organization funding is Sunday, September 10

VP Largent: Senator Martin, can we make a slide for that?

Senator Martin: Sure

Special Business

Senators Nortch and Espinoza sworn in.

Old Business

No old business

New Business

Senator Foust: Motion to bring bill to floor.

Motion seconded

Friday Ice Cream Bill read

Senator Gibbs: Didn’t we only spend $1700 or $1750 for ice cream last semester?

VP Largent: I believe we spent $2000 last fall semester and $1700 in the spring.

Treasurer Butz: In addition, at the end of each semester all funds not used will revert back to general fund.

Senator Gibbs: So was some of the money allocated left over last year?

Treasurer Butz: Yes, but the funds reverted back to the general fund.

Senator Gibbs: Couldn’t we use the extra money up the quality? VP Largent: We talked about Blue Bell, but it would be another $500 on top of this.

Senator Gibbs: Have we tried talking to a distribution center?

VP Largent: Ms. Wanda has a friend who actually works in that area, but we would have to purchase a significant amount. During finals week last semester we got 3 gallons, and Blue Bell told us we could. Later they told us we couldn’t, but allowed us to since they had already told us we could. We can try that again if Blue Bell is cooperative. In any case, we should probably sass this anyway today, since this week is the last week of the summer budget. We will begin the fall budget next Friday, so we should pass this at latest by next Thursday.

Senator Reid: Can we talk to Blue Bell between now and next Thursday?

VP Largent: Maybe

Senator Martin motions to approve bill

Motion seconded

Motion passed

Bill is approved

Senator Gorton motions to bring bill to floor

Dry erase markers and tape bill read

Senator Gibbs: Will these be kept somewhere safe so they don’t get lost?

Senator Gorton: I will keep them personally.

Bill is approved


VP Largent: I haven’t had anyone respond to the Senate canvas post yet concerning the question Dr. Morgan asked. We did get quite a few responses at STOMP, which was great. Please ask your floors the questions and get responses, that would be great.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: Point of order – no one moved to put the previous bill to open voting

VP Largent: I can move it to a vote

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: I believe there needs to be a motion to vote before voting

VP Largent: I can move it to a vote if there is no more discussion

Open Forum

Senator Spiers: I have a problem that I would like to bring to attention of Senate. This is an issue that is persistent and has been addressed in the past, but so far has reached no resolution. The issue is that some servers at SAGA will deliberately constrain portions, even though it is supposed to be all you can eat. We have had discussions with the people in charge of Bon Appetite, and yet the issue persists.

Senator Martin: Is this issue of restricting size per visit to each station? Or are they restricting how many visits you are allowed?

Senator Spiers: They are not allowed to restrict at all, from what we’ve been told. It is their policy not to restrict portion sizes.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: For example, the Grill has a limited amount at a given time, so they feed everyone a certain amount the first time so that everyone can get some, and students can come back for seconds if they want more.

Treasurer Butz: The chairmen had a meeting with director of Bon Appetite last semester. Their policy is that servers cannot restrict whatsoever. I had a situation like this recently and challenged the serve and he said he was supposed to portion it out. However, the director said they don’t have the authority to do that. The problem is that word is not getting to the people serving the food effectively.

VP Largent: I was in line as asked Gaelen for a larger serving and he looked around and gave it to me.

Senator Spiers: The issue is not whether larger portions should be given. The issue is that there is a problem that we have communicated and should have been resolved and hasn’t. My constituents are asking for a formal resolution from Senate.

Stud. Bod. Pres. Raies: I don’t think the problem has been clearly stated. A lot of this will depend on when you go to Saga. If you go at 5 or 5:15, servers just have to give consistent amount to make sure they have enough for everybody, but if you go at 6:50 they will be more generous.

Senator Spiers: I will clarify. People will ask server to give them a larger quantity and the server will say they are not allowed to. Both the director and Bon Apetit’s policy state that denying extra portions is not allowed.

VP Largent: Terry said they are supposed to.

Senator Spiers: I am talking about direct refusal.

Stud. Bod. Pres. Raies: They only have a certain amount of chicken at a time. If everyone were to ask for more chicken, they wouldn’t have enough for everyone. Especially during busy times.

Senator Spiers: I understand the logistics. What bothers me is the decision to restrict portions even after being asked specifically for more. Our job is to get students opinions advocated for, not for a conclusion to be reached.

Steve Conn: I think the issue at hand is inconsistency of what has been said versus what has actually happened. I have heard that we have received contradictory information from people in charge. We need to be making sure things line up. Even if the solution is no seconds for chicken, then at least we have a resolution to the issue.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: Didn’t the liaison for Bon Appetite recently change?

Steve Conn: Not in the last 3 years

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: I thought I had heard something about that.

VP Largent: Do we have a motion to send this to committee?

Citizen Vaughn: Is this an issue that concerns a large enough portion of student body to raise concern? If this is one or two people that have an issue, I don’t know if it is.

Senator Spiers: This was an issue before I was senator. I have heard complaints for a while now, and have had 18 students directly come to me and complain. I actually have four examples of people who have come and told me about a direct violation.

Treasurer Butz: Another channel you can use are the feedback cards in Saga. I don’t know if there are pens around there, but they should fill those out and turn those in if they have an issue.

Senator Spiers: The complaint cards have been filled out, but it hasn’t worked.

Senator Gibbs: Did you have them fill one out?

Senator Spiers: Nine of them filled out a card. I have submitted 2 cards personally.

Senator Gibbs: Ok, good.

VP Largent: Recommendation to send this to committee?

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: Motion to move to student life

Motion seconded

Moved to student life

Senator Martin: Do we have an update on hours for the Hive? Are they the same as last semester?

VP Largent: As far as I know the hours are currently the same. I haven’t actually talked to Charity about it though.

Senator Ferrill: My floor and our sister floor were trying to reserve MSC-3 for a movie night this past weekend and were told that people are no longer allowed to reserve MSC-3.

Steve Conn: The explanation for this it the explosion of the nursing program, in a good way. Because we now have so many students, MSC-3 has been turned into class space. They just have too many students for the space they were using before, which we are happy about. Also, it is now called Nursing Building 3, rather than MSC-3.

Senator Reid: Would there be a way of training students to maintain that are so that students could come and play movies?

Steve Conn: I don’t know about that, I’m just telling you why it happened. That is a conversation you’d probably need to have with both Conference and Events and Kimberly Quiett, who is the Dean of the School of Nursing.

VP Largent: Any other open forum items?

Senator Imken: Some of the guys on my floor, mainly freshmen, have complained that their key cards have not been working for some buildings, especially the student center. They have talked to Student Life about it and have gotten the response that it should be working.

VP Largent: Have they talked to their RDs about it?

Senator Imken: I don’t know.

Senator Bechard: We have had similar issues with commuters. For example, getting into Tyler.

Senator Walters: I have heard some things regarding the placement of tables in Saga that have caused a traffic jam when they added to those front tables. Is there way to recommend that tables be moved to improve traffic flow?

Senator Reid: As far as recommending new ways of configuring them, you could use the comment cards.

VP Largent: I would recommend using the comment cards or talk to Charity.

Senator Spiers: Several table groups are associated with certain groups such as some floors. I think that if we are talking about moving tables that we should try to maintain arrangements that allow certain groups to function. Flooders and I-House have recently complained about their tables being cut short.

Senator Ladner: We actually stole a table because it wasn’t being used and they didn’t seem to mind.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: It sounds like we have had a number of issues with Bon Appetite come up in this meeting, so is it possible to get the people from Bon Appetite back in here some time this semester?

VP Largent: I will do that.

Citizen Hartsfield: I talked with Chief Schultz about the parking issue. He basically told me that things aren’t going to change.

Senator Foust: I know 41 commonly filled the entire length of table, so the extra tables at the end are nice.

Senator Walters: It would be helpful if even a couple tables were moved to help traffic flow.

VP Largent: Do we have any other items?

Citizen Vaughn: Could we approach the director to approve moving tables as a group?

VP Largent: They seem to be ok with people moving tables.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: Student Life should look into this. It might be helpful to construct a layout for floors in order to reasonably accommodate most floors on campus.

Motion to move the tables issue to Student Life

Motion Passed

Citizen Hartsfield: Charity is irritated that students haven’t approached her. She actually told me she is disappointed that more student don’t come talk to her about issues and she ends up hearing about them in other ways. She’d be happy to have a five minute conversation with y’all about issues. It does help to get an organization like this involved sometimes, but personal contact goes a long way.

Senator Ladner motions to adjourn

Meeting Adjourned at 11:34 am.