Session of August 27, 2015

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Minutes recorded by: Alisa Wilson, Senate Secretary

Guests: Director of Student Activities, Steve Conn

Call to order at 11:01 am.

Roll called at 11:02 am.


V.P. Hollis: To run for P.P.T., you must have one full semester as a Senator and must be nominated by another Senator.

Senator Owen Goode is nominated for P.P.T.

Senator Owen Goode is elected P.P.T.

Senator Alex Meadows is nominated for Sergeant at Arms.

Senator Alex Meadows is elected Sergeant at Arms.

Alisa Wilson is nominated for Secretary.

Alisa Wilson is elected Secretary.

Officer Reports

Committee Reports

Old Business

New Business

V.P. Hollis: Senator Supanich suspended bylaws last semester to miss General Assembly due to class conflicts and is asking to do so again this semester.

Sen. Swehla: Would this suspend them for everyone or just her?

V.P. Hollis: Just her because she has clinicals for nursing school.

P.P.T. Goode: We did this last year. We suspended the bylaws for Jonathan Vander Wiel and he still had a large part in Senate.

Sen. Lee: How many sessions will she be missing?

V.P. Hollis: Every one starting today until the end of the semester.

Sen. Finn: Is she appointing another person to take her place?

V.P. Hollis: No, she wouldn't be.

Sen. Lee: Will she still be on a committee?

V.P. Hollis: She has the choice. She's fulfilled her committee requirement. I'm assuming she would be on a committee.

Sen. Lee: Why do we have to decide this now?

V.P. Hollis: We need to give her time to find a sub if we don't suspend the bylaws for her.

Sen. Finn: Even if we allowed her to remain a Senator, the Apartments would be underrepresented.

Sen. Wise: You can still have a large part in Senate, especially if you're on a committee.

Suspension of bylaws for Sen. Supanich is tabled.

P.P.T. Goode: Bill brought to the floor: "STOMP Special Ice Cream Allocation Bill of Fall 2015" allocating $200 for the purchase of ice cream for Friday during STOMP. This will allow us to have enough ice cream to serve all the people who will be at STOMP.

Sen. Washington-Jones: How long is STOMP?

Dir. Conn: 4:30 to 6:00. STOMP will be different than it has been in the past. It's been scaled back and will be a more informational event. This is because there will be more YAC and Student Life events toward the beginning of the semester this year.

V.P. Hollis: Having ice cream there will get our name out at STOMP.

P.P.T. Goode: I think it would be important to make sure that people are available to help run ice cream.

V.P. Hollis: As it gets closer, we'll have shifts to sign up for.

The bill passes.

P.P.T. Goode: Amendment brought to the floor: "The Constitutional Amendment for Elections of Fall 2015." This change allows voting to occur exclusively online. Before, it was constitutionally required for there to be paper ballots.

V.P. Hollis: We were asked by administration to go completely online, and we couldn't because of this constitutional bylaw. It will take 10 class days before we can vote, but we can discuss it today.

Sen. Swehla: What would the mechanism of the online voting be?

P.P.T. Goode: We are hoping to change the login to be your student ID and a password on a secure voting website.

Sen. Finn: Shouldn't a write in candidate always be an option?

V.P. Hollis: No, there are rules and regulations that go with write in candidates. They must go through an interview and get the required number of signatures.

The amendment is tabled for 10 days.

Open Forum

V.P. Hollis: Director Conn is our new guy this year, he will be supervising over us.

Dir. Conn: I spoke with many of you at the IMPACT retreat. This is my first year working with Senate. I might be passive but that's because you mostly run things by yourselves. I do want to talk about funds allocations stuff soon. An update on the Buzz app: it's got 725 registered users right now, so it probably has even more downloads. That number could include faculty and staff as well as parents.

Sgt. Meadows: Is there a way that you can ban inappropriate accounts?

Dir. Conn: Yes, we're working on it. I have been in contact with OohLaLa today on how to authenticate accounts. Right now I flag posts and delete them. I would encourage Senate to post events in the Buzz, especially on the events feed. Right now, it's mainly athletic events, because other clubs and organizations haven't started putting their events in there yet. You don't have to love the app, but I recommend trying it. I think people will find it useful.

V.P. Hollis: We helped fund it, so we should be using it and pushing for it.

Dir. Conn: I can give a demo of the app if that is something you would want.

Sen. Swehla: Are there any plans in the future for Blackboard integration?

Dir. Conn: No, probably not. We want the Buzz to be a tool that can do some things. The Blackboard app doesn't run natively inside the app. We can't get the app to do things it wasn't designed to do. Also, we're replacing Blackboard with Canvas soon.

V.P. Hollis: I was told next year.

Dir. Conn: The other thing I wanted to talk about is clubs and organizations recognition. Do we have people appointed who will be in charge of that?

V.P. Hollis: We will next week.

Dir. Conn: First STOMP will happen, and then I would like to meet with whoever will be in charge of Funds and Allocations and Constitutional committees. Marty Lane wants me to give her information for who will be reserving space on our campus. There is new request management software to use.

V.P. Hollis: We need a Student Life project, so be talking to your floors about that. I need seven people in chapel on Monday to pass out papers and to pick them up afterward. Make sure everyone gets one. There will be a sign up sheet after the meeting. There will be a clubs and organizations meeting in about two weeks. They will present their clubs and requests for approval and funding. We will then allocate funding. I will not be here for STOMP. P.P.T. Goode and Sen. Wise will be in charge of Senate at STOMP. We will have a sign up sheet next Thursday to sign up to help at STOMP. On shirts, we are waiting until general elections happen. We have decided to not order any more women's sizes. If you're a girl and want a shirt in a women's size, I have some in my room.

P.P.T. Goode: The sizing on the women's shirts is kind of messed up. Talk to somebody who has a shirt to figure out what size you need.

V.P. Hollis: We will get committee heads elected soon. Be looking out for 11:11 coffee with Morgan Weaver to meet with students. Listen for that in Executive Cabinet chapel on Monday. If you are a new Senator or want to be a committee head, stay after today's meeting.

P.P.T. Goode: If you want to be a committee chair or want to be on a specific committee, stay after or email me for more information. If you're a new senator, you're required to be on a committee for two semesters.

Meeting adjourned at 11:39 am.