Session of August 23, 2013

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Senate, August 23, 2013

Roll called at 10:02

Guests : Carly Robinson, Tim Mindling, Avery Cheely, Josh VanLeer, Josue Ortiz

Senator Mueller opened with prayer

Because this was the first Senate Session of the semester, there were no minutes to approve, or officers or committees to report on

New business

Nominations for President Pro Tempore and Sergeant at Arms

Senator Hussey nominated Senator Broda for Sergeant at Arms

Senator Carter nominated Senator Jennings for Sergeant at Arms

Nominees make presentations to Senate

Senator Broda: “I will not have a problem with the dress code being enforced in Senate, and since this is my first semester, I want to start strong in Senate, so I would like to serve as Sergeant at Arms.

Senator Carter: “Doesn’t a senator wishing to serve as Sergeant at Arms have to have been in Senate for a year prior to holding office?”

Senator Kim: “Yes, section C.”

Senator Jennings “Dress code will not be an issue for me, and I have served in Senate a year already”

Senator Kim: “Section C, section 2, any Senator running for President Potentate must have been a student for 3 semesters.”

Senator Smullen: “Article 2, Section C, Part C”

Senator Kim: “Article 1, section C, both Sergeant at Arms and President Pro Tempore must hold to this, as officers.”

VP Koreis: "Article 1 refers to Executive Cabinet, Senate is Article 2 and there is no such rule"

Senator Carter: “After nomination, these rules do not apply, so I rescind my statement.”

Senators Broda and Jennings leave the room, discussion and debate begins on Sergeant at Arms office.

Senator Meuller: “What are the requirements for Sergeant at Arms?”

Senator Smullen: “By-laws explain what they have to do, no requirements for holding the office.”

Senator Carter: “After last year, I would like to see a tougher Sergeant at Arms that will enforce dress code, and for senate to become more professional, the Sergeant at Arms must hold to that also.”

Senator Hussey: “As far as that, I have seen Broda at fight night, he can be tough!”

Senator Vanderwiel: “Another requirement is for them to force internal proceedings, so extra year in Senate would be good, that way they understand proceedings and general senate workings, and so they don’t abuse the privileges.”

Moving into voting

Senator Jennings is voted in as Sergeant at Arms

Nominations for President Pro Tempore

Senator Jennings nominates Senator Carter

Senator Turner nominates Senator Penner

Introductory statements are made by nominees

Senator Carter: “Vote me in as President Pro Tempore, and all your wildest dreams will come true! I also ran for VP the last two years.”

Senator Penner: “I have served in Senate for 3 years, and I understand the workings and proceedings of Senate. I would like to serve as President Pro Tempore for this year of Senate. I also ran for VP two years ago.”

Senators Carter and Penner leave the room for debate and discussion

No debate

Senator Broda “How long have they been here?”

A few Senators state that both nominees have been here 3 years

Senator Smullen says that carter will be going into his 4th year of Senate.

Senator Vanderwiel: “Senator Penner has served every semester he has been here.”

Senator Smullen: “I support Senator Penner.”


Senator Penner wins vote for office of President Pro Tempore

Old business

New business

Senator Smullen moves an amendment to the floor, relating to Senate by-laws sections A, B, and F as far as recruitment and officers of senate, Section G missions statement revision, and events, section C elections, section D act, these amendments will become effective on passage.

Senator Vanderwiel: “Section 5, will that replace the language of the current by-law?”

Senator Smullen: “No, it will be bumped down lower on the page though.”

Senator Carter: “So removing recruitment from events?”

Senator Smullen: “That was always in there.”

Senator Hussey: “When it says awareness, it means providing events to students, not marketing to students.”

Senator Turner: “How it is worded, with Senators representing districts, not floors, can that be applied?”

Senator Smullen: “That is the original wording, I have not changed it.”

Senator Carter: “The Elections committee already has clearly defined tasks.”

Senator Feirick: “I was on the elections committee but had to leave mid-term. From what I could see, elections did nothing in the entire first semester.”

V.P. Koreis: “That’s why it’s suggested to be moved, it is only active one month of the entire year.”

Senator Carter: “It should be doing something, senate should have prepared during first semester.”


Bill is passed

Open forum

Commuter asks to be accepted as Senator representing fellow communters

Senator Kim: “I heard from Senator Meadows that USB ports were supposed to be put into the library, but they don’t have enough money anymore, can senate help that?”

Senator Carter: “That’s not part of our business.”

Senator Meadows: “When this project was being done, the library was paying for all of it, and they ran out of funding, so they went for the cheaper option.”

Senator Carter: “So what you’re saying is, is that there is no option for USB, so they would cut into desks.”

Senator Meadows: “We would be providing funding for new things, not upgrade of old things.”

Senator Carter: “They weren’t managing things correctly if they already ran out, huh!”

Student Body President Carly Robinson: “I appreciate the work ethic shown here, but we should focus on serving the students.”

Senator Meadows: “It would cost about $400.”

V.P. Koreis: "Does our student body treasurer have anything to add?"

Treasurer VanLeer: “Senate has about $10,000, coming from the student body, should be returned to them.”

Senator Carter: “I’m all in favor of using Senate money to help students, but to put more money into an already started project that failed due to mismanagement, it seems like a bad use of our resources, this will happen again, why is Senate getting involved?”

Senator Kim: “The role of Senate is to help and better student life, since we have enough money lying around, we should reach out to students and work on helping them, making it better for them here.”

Senator Carter: “Just because we have it, doesn’t mean we should spend it all..”

Senator Feirick: “We should write a bill or submit it to committee.”

Senator Mueler: “We should talk to our floors and find out what they really want.”

Senator Wise: “From a new perspective, how many people here need USB to study? We need to be smart with this.”

Senator Penner: “What is there now?”

Senator Meadows: “Just 2 normal outlets.”

Student Body President Carly Robinson: “These are good points, if more details are needed, Mrs. Bowman could probably come and answer your questions.”

V.P. Koreis: “Another project we can pursue is for runners who run the property line around campus; there has been a fence put up around campus, so runners have to climb the fence now. I asked facilities to figure out how much that would cost, and facilities would install the gate for runners.”

Senator Penner: “Where is this gate?”

Tim Mindling: “The gate is out by the baseball field.”

Avery Cheely: “Should we introduce ourselves in this meeting?”

V.P. Koreis: “Yes please.”

Senator Penner: “Can I get everyone to email me preferences for committees, so I can set up who is on what committee, and who is committee head?”

V.P. Koreis: “If you want to be committee head, meet with me and Senator Penner after session.”

Senator Carter: “This seems like the same thing as the outlets, poor foresight as far as the gate.”

Senator Smullen: “Can we get a quote on the gate before we proceed? It would be good, but we don’t want to spend too much for it.”

V.P. Koreis: “These things are mentioned in open forum because we aren't officially going with it yet.”

Senator Shaver: “What about the white boards? The one on my hall broke last semester.”

Senator Carter: “They were supposed to be finished over summer, the project got dropped over summer, we will be working on that as soon as possible. Each board will have 2 boxes of markers, kept by the RD, erasers and markers will be held by magnetic tape.”

Senator Smullen: “How can I help?”

Senator Carter: “You can’t right now.”

Senator Feirick moves to adjourn, motion passed and session adjourned at 10:39