Session of April 7, 2016

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April 7, 2016

Minutes Recorded by: Alisa Wilson, Senate Secretary

Call to Order at 11:02 am

Roll Called

Approval of Minutes

Senator Rose added to the roll.

Minutes approved

Officer Reports

PPT Goode: We're looking at committee chairs and officers for next semester. If you are interested in being PPT or a committee chair, come to the committee chair meeting this Sunday at 7:00 in the YAC office.

Committee Reports

Sen. Hartsfield, Student Life: We had a specialists meeting last night. It went well. We bought movies for ASC. They are here. It cost two hundred and some dollars. The rest of the money might be used for other videos. The Student Life project is coming along slowly but surely. We have an event on the 15th between the softball game and the baseball game. We'll have food, and we want senators to be there in their Senate shirt if you have one. Sign up for a 15 minute shift to talk to people and answer questions. Senator Washington-Jones or I will send out a sheet at some point to sign up for a shift. There should be 16 people in the Student Life committee. You need to reply to messages and be at the meetings.

Sen. Iverson: You need to respond and let us know what's going on. If you're interested in being on the Student Life committee, let us know, we're always looking for more people.

Old Business

New Business

Sen. Lee: Bill brought to the floor: "Senate Project Funding Act of 2016," allocating $500 for the purchase of DVDs and movies for the AFSC movie collection. This is to fund the movies purchased. We may buy more or roll the rest over to the prayer garden. All of the money not used will be reserved for the prayer garden and added to next semester's budget.

The bill passes.

Sen. J. Swehla: Bill brought to the floor: "Senate Event Funding Bill of Spring 2016 Part II," allocating $200 for the purchase of food and supplies for the Senate Spring Event. This provides us the funding to buy food for the second Senate event.

VP Hollis: Did you talk to athletics?

Sen. J. Swehla: You'd have to ask Senator Washington-Jones.

Sen. Iverson: What are eating supplies? Because I know YAC and Athletics have some stuff.

VP Hollis: This is not an athletic event. They offered to help us, but we are not using their supplies.

Sen. J. Swehla: This is the amount Senator Washington-Jones thinks she needs to carry out the event.

VP Hollis: We need to start getting and using our own stuff. It's not fair to YAC if we always use their stuff.

PPT Goode: If we're not in communication with Terri Deike about this, you and Senator Washington-Jones need to talk to her.

VP Hollis: Go touch base with her.

Sen. J. Swehla: The specifics of how the event will be carried out needs to be taken up with the Events Specialist.

Sen. Hoos: Has this money already been budgeted out?

VP Hollis: Yes. We have an event budget every semester. We had the campfire and came in under budget, so this is part of that.

Sen. Iverson: Same with the Student Life bills.

VP Hollis: Technically all of our money comes from the general fund. We budget certain portions of it for specific things.

The bill passes.

Open Forum & Announcements

VP Hollis: With the athletics event, come 30 minutes before your shift to support athletics. Myself, PPT Goode, and Jake Hall will meet with Terri Deike and figure out how our organizations can support athletics. I would encourage you guys to get out and encourage those teams. They'll be supporting us a lot this year.

PPT Goode: Student Life has LeTourneau themed shirts that you can wear.

VP Hollis: I would recommend wearing LeTourneau or athletics t-shirts.

Sen. Hartsfield: The only time we want you to wear Senate shirts is during your 15 minute shift so people know who you are.

Sen. Iverson: If you don't have a Senate polo, wear a LeTourneau shirt, just make sure people know you're a senator.

Sen. Butler: You don't have to wear slacks and dress shoes?

VP Hollis: No, you can wear jeans. Another thing: what responses or ideas do you have for the vending machine options?

Sen. Jobe: Nature Valley bars.

Sen. J. Swehla: Could we make Country Time lemonade available places other than Davis?

Sen. Reddy: Someone in my house wanted dried fruits and nuts.

Sen. Rose: What about small bags of trail mix or granola?

Sen. Spencer: Clif bars.

Sen. Iverson: More oreos and peanut butter cracker sandwich things. Also Nutter Butters.

PPT Goode: I'd like to see Sun Chips.

Sen. Hoos: Goldfish.

Sen. Read: Cheddar jalapeno Cheetos.

Sen. Smith: Kool-Aid.

Sen. Butz: Girl Scout cookies, if possible.

Sen. Butler: I would like some organic...

VP Hollis throws pen across the room.

Sen. Butler: Organic, healthy snacks.

Sen. Freas: This may be a long shot, but what about little bottles of milk?

Sen. Read: Is there milk in the Hive?

VP Hollis: No, but I will put in on the Hive suggestion list. I'm sure if you ask Ms. Maxine she'd pour some in a glass for you.

Sen. Read: Dried seaweed.

PPT Goode: This is a little bit more generic, but one thing I've noticed is they have a lot of weird brands.

Sen. J. Swehla: There's some people on my floor who asked if we could get trays, so put trays in vending machines.

Sen. Ladd: I've had some people ask if we could put zero calorie energy drinks in the energy drink things.

Sen. Whipple: What about those Starbucks bottles?

VP Hollis: We have a coffee shop and they would probably slap us.

Sen. Freas: What about little packages of cough drops?

VP Hollis: The nurse has those for free. I don't want you to pay for something you can get for free.

Sen. Read: One of the spiral things in the Thomas vending machine is broken. Specifically row 20.

Sen. Ladd: Speaking of that, is there a way for the apartments or married housing to get one?

Sen. Smith: I'm thinking brownies.

Sen. Read: No pork rinds.

Sen. Hoos: Beef jerky.

Sen. Iverson: Can they go through the vending machines and make sure the prices match up? Because right now some of the things are different.

Sen. Jobe: I would recommend more healthy options are available in Solheim.

Sen. Butz: I believe the suggestion was for unity of prices.

VP Hollis: I suggested unity of food across campus in the different machines.

Sen. Rose: Maybe a food truck out at the airport so the flight people have another option to eat?

VP Hollis: That's against our contract.

PPT Goode: We do have vending machines out there so as long as we include them.

Sen. Butz: With that, one thing that they had in the military are boxed lunches. Is there a way we could suggest that the Hive do something like that?

VP Hollis: Yes, they do that.

Sen. Hartsfield: How many of you read VP Hollis's email about planting flowers? How many of you will be there? So Facilities Services works for us every day and there are 20 something of them and this is a way to give back. They're providing lunch and giving chapel credit. This is our time to say yes we will help. Email me if you can come. 20 is our goal, right now only six are signed up.

VP Hollis: This is our student life project this year, so you need to be involved.

Sen. Hartsfield: If you can, come at 7:00 or 9:00 am this Saturday.

Sen. Jobe: It is good practice for next year when we plant our own prayer garden.

Sen. Lee: We can invite non-senators?

Sen. Hartsfield: Yes, they can email me, but we're capping it at 20.

Sen. Read: Just a note, Habitat for Humanity meets at the exact same time. I feel like a lot of people who would do this do that.

Sen. Hartsfield: Yes there's conflicts but if you can, please come out.

PPT Goode: We should probably go talk to our floors and tell people about it.

VP Hollis: Only 20 people will get to do this.

Sen. Hartsfield: Only the first 20 people who email me will get it.

Sen. Ladd: I'm still waiting on numbers for the February ice cream bill and anybody else who has any purchase orders for anything. You can also mail it to my CPO #1077 and I'll get that to Wanda.

VP Hollis: Also, Ms. Wanda needs those within a couple days and she's been getting them late. I need you to get with Senator Rose and figure out the purchase orders. They go to Senator Ladd.

PPT Goode: All the information and instructions are on the wiki.

Sen. Butler: When you get an opportunity, can you add a live help button on the wiki?

Sen. Largent: No.

VP Hollis: I'm going to be brutally honest: you guys as senators need to watch what you're doing about this tray stuff. Do NOT do anything that will hinder your position as a Senator. You can have your opinion, but don't do anything to bring down Senate.

Sen. Smith: I would suggest not even signing a petition. You can have your opinion, but signing a petition Says senate is against the thing.

Sen. Butler: We are students and can have our own opinion.

Sen. Butz: As part of an organization, everything you do represents that organization.

VP Hollis: I am fine with you supporting things, but you represent Senate in everything you do. Don't do anything that will get you in trouble with the school. Be aware that what you do and say will have consequences. Some students are going to find themselves in a little bit of trouble.

PPT Goode: Bon Appetit has thanks us for being professional, let's not give them a reason to change that.

Sen. J. Swehla: Please don't let this turn into a repeat of the library. We don't need students running around trying to change things without going through the right channels.

VP Hollis: Bon Appetit is not changing their minds.

Sen. Hoos: Bon Appetit's employees don't even know.

Sen. Read: I also heard several employees talking to students about how bad the tray thing is.

Sen. Reddy: I think that the employees saying the trays are coming back is a rumor. We should not be spreading rumors.

VP Hollis: If you have questions and don't know who to talk to, email me and I will either direct you or go to the right person and get you a response.

Sen. Read: Should we as senators be trying to talk to the people behind this?

VP Hollis: I personally don't think there's any hope.

Sen. Read: If stuff starts to get crazy, what should Senate's position be in dealing with the situation?

Sen. Hollis: Don't get in the middle of it.

Sen. Jobe: Act like adults.

Sen. Wise: On a pretty practical note, if you know people putting up posters, you have to get posters approved before they can be put up, so that's why signs keep getting taken down.

VP Hollis: Those who have 12:00 classes are dismissed.

Sen. Largent: We no longer have quorum.

The meeting is adjourned at 11:50 am.