Session of April 5, 2018

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April 5, 2018

Minutes Recorded by: Daniel Yohe, Secretary

Visitors: Student Body President Josh Raies, Steve Conn

Call to Order at 11:00 AM

Senator Reid opens session in prayer

Roll Called

Approval of Minutes

VP Largent: Either the conversation doesn’t sound right, or there is some grammatical stuff in the conversation with Steve after I explained what we changed.

03/29 Minutes approved at 11:04 AM

Special Session 04/03 minutes approved at 11:04 AM

Officer Reports

PPT Foust: I know I'm beating a dead horse, but senator elections are up. If you want to be re-elected, you have to sign up. Only nine people have signed up right now, including new senators.

Committee Reports

Senator Gorton: Tomorrow we are having ice cream from 2-4 PM. We don’t need you there the entire time, but I do need people for an hour at a time.

VP Largent: 2 hours is quite a long time. If you don’t have a class, at least 15 minutes would help out a lot. We are serving floats, not just ice cream.

New Business

Senator Gorton motions to bring a bill to the floor.

SP18-SB13 is read. “Senate Cookout Event Funding Bill of Spring 2018”

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: Just to double check, we still have that in the budget?

VP Largent: Yes. Student Life has been checking with FAC.

Bill approved.

Senator Gorton motions to bring a bill to the floor.

SP18-SB14 is read. “Senate Celebration Funding Bill of Spring 2018”

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: Do we know what restaurant yet?

VP Largent: No.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: In the past we’ve done the Butcher Shop.

VP Largent: We usually go when they have the buy one get one free offer.

Senator Walters: If you have ideas, let us know.

Senator Spiers: Will this be an RSVP event?

VP Largent: We have enough money for everyone to come.

Bill approved.

Senator Nutt: Is now when I need to do the FAC Financial presentation?

VP Largent: That will be during open forum.


VP Largent: Senator elections. If you aren’t going to be a senator next year, try to find someone who can take your spot. Also, the Hootenanny tailgate is tomorrow from 2-4 PM.

Senator Reid: If I am moving floors, how can I sign up to be a Senator next year?

VP Largent: Sign up for the floor you are moving to.

Open Forum

Senator Nutt gives presentation on Senate’s spending.

Senator Spiers: How exciting is this graph page?

Senator Nutt: Pretty exciting. Rollover from last semester is about $25,000.

VP Largent: Are you sure about other branches showing up on our report?

Senator Nutt: Yes.

VP Largent: I’ll ask Wanda about that.

Senator Nutt: I asked Justin [Bechard] for clarification. It appears that every semester we have received the full allocation and then we pay out the student government salaries from that and also give money to the other branches from that.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: Since we have so much money, I assume a lot of it comes from unused Student Life project money. It is nice to have extra and not spend it all.

Senator Spiers: I know that in the past, unequal distribution of Student Life projects has fed dissension. Whatever we do, we need to make sure there is equal or somewhat equal distribution.

Senator Nutt: Here's the purpose of this presentation. Looking back through the records, there were large remaining balances on the records. I want to make sure we utilize what we have.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: Administration said it would be about $25,000 for the prayer garden, if someone wants to take that up again...

VP Largent: Who is "administration"?

Sergeant-at-Arms Jobe: Facilities is the one who gave me that price. Probably someone in the Student Life office was involved.

Steve Conn: We are looking for volunteers for New Student Orientation. Its pretty fun. You get to come back a week early. You'll be here for Senate anyway. Senate and NSO play well together as far as scheduling. The sign up is online. If you don’t want to do it, tell your friends and invite other people. We need about 30 people, and I currently have 6. We always get our number because people spread the word. It's good for upperclassmen, people who have "retired" from student government, or people who want to be involved but are busy throughout the semester. I'd love for you all to apply and tell your friends.

Senator Beckham: I have a question regarding the presentation. How do we increase the amount of points Senate scores?

VP Largent: If you recruit your friends from back home, we will have a larger general fee, which will mean more points.

Senator Beckham: How do we ensure Senate wins whatever game the points are for?

VP Largent: I don't know.

Senator Falkenberg: How do we claim our free Hootenanny ticket?

VP Largent: Marcus will be on that.

Senator Spiers: Looking at funds, we have enough to execute fire tornado.

Senator Spiers' comment is met with groans and some laughter.

VP Largent: Marcus [Miller] is giving free tickets to everyone who was at the special session on Tuesday.

PPT Foust motions to adjourn

Motion seconded

Meeting Adjourned at 11:22 AM