Session of April 4, 2019

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April 4, 2019

Minutes Recorded by: Kayla Yohe, Secretary


Call to Order at 11:00 AM

Senator Beckham prays

Roll Called

Approval of Minutes

Minutes approved at 11:07 AM

Officer Reports


Committee Reports

Senator Murphy – For PR&R. By request of Senator Reid, compiling record of all the things Senate uses for events and compiling list of names of who to get in contact with. Chairs of committees, if you have items that you have used for events, or resource list and people you talk to, if you could send that to me so that I can compile it in a record that would be fantastic. Thank you.

Special Business


Old Business

Senator LaQuey – Motion to bring a bill to the floor.


Unrepresented Floor Night

Senator Reid - Motion to add Senator Walters to the roll


Senator LaQuey – Motion to amend, strike ASC Great Room from section D. Reason being that the International Gala needs that place to set up. I have reserved Berry Auditorium for use instead. If you all have better ideas, let me know.

VP Yohe – That’s the biggest reason I asked if the room had been reserved, because it was being put in the bill. Just for future reference, if we are going to put something in the bill, make sure it is set in stone.

Senator LaQuey – Motion to amend this bill.


VP Yohe - All in favor of amending this bill as Senator LaQuey stated.


New Business

Senator Beckham – Motion to bring amendment to Senate bylaws to the floor.


SP19-SB11 Senate Bylaws FAC Chair Amendment of Spring 2019

VP Yohe – Some concern that having treasurer being more involved in Senate affairs would be interesting.

Senator Beckham – I have spoken with treasurer, and he is one hundred percent in favor.

VP Yohe – Others from cabinet are not, including future members. Treasurer has not been to the last several meetings. Chose not to present Executive cabinet’s budget. He is not speaking for Executive cabinet at this point. Next year may have someone coming in without experience in Senate.

Senator Reid – Being on both sides, tough situation to try to find balance. Treasurer for Executive cabinet and Senate trying to be altered to make better use of position. One thing talked about during bill, treasurer as currently written is held accountable for all accounts of money spent. Still involved with LSM and YAC, but if chair of FAC, helps make him or her responsible for that role currently given to that position.

VP Yohe – Are we going to require the treasurer to attend Senate sessions? Part of FAC but not in Senate? Seeing over important committee without otherwise involved.

Senator Murphy – As the bill is written, all members are senators excluding the Chair of FAC who is student body treasurer. Could be translated that treasurer not held to same standards as Senators.

VP Yohe – Speaking for myself, more comfortable if required or strongly suggested to be involved in Senate to represent FAC.

Senator Beckham – Motion to refer bill back to Constitution committee for further review.



VP Yohe – I will not be in session next Thursday, so PPT Gorton it is up to you. Same time, but you will be leading. Another thing, I’m taking my laptop with me so our secretary won’t have it.

Senator Reid – She can use mine.

Senator LaQuey – I have three announcements. Senate ice cream 3:45 to 4:15. Get ice cream, talk to people. Sent link for sign up genius for Hootenanny watch party. Unrepresented floor night this Saturday at 6pm. Show up to that.

Senator Richards – How are we advertising this event?

Senator Murphy – PR&R. Advertisements taking form of slides created and sent to people to put in ASC TVs and chapel. I am giving an in person announcement in chapel tomorrow. Communicated with floors of my building, hopefully other senators are too.

Open Forum

Senator Avent – I have received questions regarding student handbook about its location and up to date version. Most up to date is 2018/19.

VP Yohe – This is the most updated version. Until this semester is over, this will apply. They will roll out 2019/20 before the fall semester starts. Not the most convenient form to read it, no PDF document to read it, but this is what we have. Does not work well on mobile version, recommend they look up on computers. Search student handbook, first thing that comes up. Any questions about policies?

Senator Avent – Not sure if things have been amended, like dancing or the chapel dress code. Some things no one follows, what stuff in handbook does administration and student life expect them to do. More enforcement of rules that are in it.

VP Yohe – I can read the handbook’s policy on dancing. If you have questions, contact Dean of Students. Contact Steve Conn [Dean Conn].

Senator Avent – I heard people say you can dance whenever wherever. They changed rules.

VP Yohe – That’s what it interesting about the handbook. Some students have never read it, but heard people say things about it. When you come, you sign that you are responsible for everything in it. Dancing is not something you will get expelled or suspended for.

Senator Reid – Updated. Included but not limited to, but not the only acceptable ways of dancing. I’ve talked to Steve Conn [Dean Conn] about it. Student handbook is good at being vague and obscure on rules. Follows general sub list.

VP Yohe – It changed my freshman year, used to not allow dancing. I’ll also try to find the chapel dress code.

Senator Avent – Does it say anything about kilts for men?

VP Yohe – It does not.

Senator Beckham – If you stretch definition far enough, it may go under modest length shorts.

VP Yohe – Since we opened topics of student handbook, any other questions to discuss?

Senator Murphy – As you pointed out, not the most convenient way to store. Way want to look into finding more convenient way to let students read and find it. Adjust so that when you come in as freshman, you are told where the full thing is conveniently. When I came in, they said it exists, and here is the mini condensed version. Finding way to adjust that for future generations.

VP Yohe – I came in as a freshmen and remember having a PDF of the document. I can talk to Steve Conn [Dean Conn] about it in our next meeting. Also, the marketing department may be someone to talk to.

Senator Avent – Is the handbook the same only per year or any time?

VP Yohe – No changes made within the course of a year. Changed at end of year or semester. If they did have something, it would be for a major event. Not trying to catch students by changing and not letting us know

Senator Reid – Some things are outdated in there, like the part about how surveys must be approved by Dean of Students before being sent out. Statistics class.

Senator Reid – I would like to bring back the conversation about treasurer position. If we have time, hearing other senators’ ideas on it for Constitution committee

Senator Beckham – I do agree that treasurer should be held to same standards as senators, to come to Senate to stay informed.

Senator Murphy – Same standard as the rest of the chairs?

Senator Beckham – Chairs held at same standard at senators, so holding them to standards of senators would be fitting.

Senator Reid – Anything in Constitution that gives guidelines of how chairs should be held?

Senator Beckham - Let me review.

VP Yohe – I don’t think so.

Senator Murphy - I don’t know, from my understanding of atmosphere my understanding that for upholding and regulating chair and what they do falls under PPT.

Senator Beckham – Senate bylaws. Chairs held to same standards as senators, as they are also seantors.

PPT Gorton – If treasurer acting as FAC chair, he is a chair that is paid.

Senator Beckham – Treasurer not paid as chair of FAC, paid as treasurer. Performing treasurer duties, chair of FAC being additional duties. Treasurer is a special case, elected.

Senator Reid – Not being paid by senate, but by Student Life for Executive cabinet position. PPT essentially enforces and upholds how chairs are run. Bill or Senate bylaw that gives general guidelines on the behaviors and standards of chairs so that the PPT can enforce those. Even though treasurer is not senator, fall under guidelines of chairs.

Senator LaQuey – Would this require amendment to Executive cabinet bylaws, as it is adding role to role of treasurer? Issue that we compartmentalized student government. No LSM, no YAC people here. Our committee does things similar. Do we need to think about that as well? Third point, adding bylaws to roles of committee chairs might help with continuity of leadership of student senate.

VP Yohe – If going to pass, several sections of bylaws need to be changed, like PPT nominating chairs. Entire section on committee chairs, exemption on everything for treasurer.

Senator Reid – As far as changing all of that, change part about PPTs interaction with chair. Excluding FAC chair.

VP Yohe – Anything that says chairs without specifically mentioning this will need to be changed.

Senator Murphy – Section d, point 1 for those currently chairs and thinking about it, Fall Impact Retreat is required. Some don’t have the date for that.

VP Yohe – Impact retreat Friday and Saturday as week before classes start. I will talk to [Dean] Conn and [Senator} Reid about when we expect senators to be back. This year interesting, because we had 9 coming in. we didn’t tell everyone they needed to come back early. I was not told to do that. Figure out if something to continue. Good time for senator training, or we can help with other stuff. Don’t want to turn senators into NSO volunteers. I’ll talk to Senator Reid to make sure we have a plan in place.

Senator Richards – Why is Executive cabinet and LSM and YAC not required to be in Senate?

Senator Murphy – They used to be, back in like 1084 Constitution. Not a divide. Would be a YAC representative and a LSM representative here. When all committees got overhauled and became own entities, that got dropped. I know I have had a lot of discussion about bringing that back, having representatives from YAC and LSM be in sessions. Some money they get comes from our budget, logical for them to come and participate. Nothing written.

Senator Reid – YAC President is over YAC council, LSM President is over LSM people, VP over Senate, President over all, treasurer by himself. Where the idea came from for treasurer having role over FAC. Representatives of each is essentially what Executive cabinet is. VP goes, says here’s what’s going on in Senate. LSM does the same.

Senator Richards – On that note, are we satisfied with the state of unity, causing delays in communication. Still the best current course?

VP Yohe – As a member of Executive Cabinet, I don’t think you can ask members of Executive Cabinet to come to Senate meetings without others asking they come to their meetings. Imposing on everyone else. Basically, asking Executive cabinet to go to 5-7 meetings a week. Don’t want situation where people get burnt out. Officers being paid to do job, but a lot that goes on. Some in YAC, only one thing may apply to them.

Senator Murphy – What if having those committees have designated person not every session, like if LSM is throwing event, they send their LSM representative to say what they are doing. Ask our PR&R to advertise. If something is happening, send them to Senate .

VP Yohe – We have had that happen. Not often, but this year we have had people come in and speak. It can happen more. YAC President came in several times asking for money for Hootenanny. It’s by year to year.

Senator LaQuey – Experiences in radio club, it seems as though clubs and orgs had Senate representatives as opposed to senators only from living spaces. Possible solution to this problem.

VP Yohe – I think what you are referring to is lobbyist. We had a lobbyist position that was done away with a couple years ago. Left in if someone wanted to do this. Not a senator but allowed to come to Senate to speak on behalf. Equal member in that they can speak, but they do not have a vote and cannot introduce legislation. Any club can do that. We had other people come in from the international students, STING, etc. Accomplishing same purpose. Still open if people want to do it.

Senator Murphy – Speaking of budgets, we have allocated and sent out funds for clubs and orgs, and they were presented. For other people like YAC and LSM and STING, do their budgets exist? And why have they not been presented in Senate sessions as they have in years past?

VP Yohe – I believe they are only required to present budget if they want to receive additional funding. If they don’t need more money from us, they don’t have to present. One reason [Treasurer] Minnesinger gave for not presenting. Might be mistaken about LSM or others.

Senator Dalton – We have more than enough money, so no reason to.

VP Yohe – Money goes through Senate to others, but Senate cannot withhold those. Not accountable to us. Way of getting everyone on same page for finances.

Senator Beckham – That means we can’t give YAC more money when Hootenanny goes over budget.

Senator Brenner – The reason STING hasn’t presented is because FAC has been a mess. Sean Nutt planning to, but then resigned. I can get in contact with them.

VP Yohe – Yeah, Sean [Nutt] said he messed up on that. Dropped. We have been supporting them, so I want to continue that if possible.

Senator Worrell motions to adjourn.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:50 AM