Session of April 2, 2015

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Minutes recorded by: Alisa Wilson, Senate Secretary

Guests: Director of Student Programs - Steve Conn

Call to order at 11:05 am.

Roll called at 11:06 am.

Minutes approved.

Owen Goode and Abby Moffitt added to the roll.


V.P. Turner: Sometime during session, please give Senator elections posters to Senator Moffitt.

Officer Reports

Committee Reports

Sen. Goode: The banner has been ordered. The cost came out to almost under $60 and it should be here within 1 to 2 weeks.

Sen. Moffitt: I'm going to look at all the posters from each of the floors, and if there are so many signs ups for an election we will send an online survey to the RA to distribute to the floor. We will also check to make sure they will be living on that floor. Sen. Harden will then email the winners to tell them they will be Senators.

Sen. Harden: The girl who signed up on my sheet will be moving down to D1.

V.P. Turner: Can the RA to be on D1 send out an election to the future D1ers?

Sen. Moffitt: If they've already chosen their rooms, we can elect her for D1.

Sen. Goode: If there are any complications, Sen. Harden can figure it out as we go.

V.P. Turner: Sen. Meadows, what is the situation with the lights and the chalk?

Sen. Meadows: Other people were annoyed that UPD had done a light survey and nothing had gotten done. UPD claimed they did a light survey twice, but no lights came back on. I'll finish doing a light survey of campus.

Old Business

New Business

Sen. Jonah: Bill brought to the floor: "Senate Event Funding Bill of Spring 2015" allocating $300 from Senate General Funds for the Senate Spring Event. We are doing a campfire on April 10th from 8:00 to 10:00 out by the pond. We will have a student there making chai tea.

Bill passes.

Open Forum

Director Conn: I went last week at night and looked at the area between South Hall and the South parking lot. It is dark, but what is a practical suggestion? We would probably look at putting in more sidewalks and lights. What is the most practical solution? Because how much time does it actually save to cut across the grass? Are we asking for just lights or lights and a sidewalk? I think it is a bit dark there but I also think the sidewalks in place are adequately lit.

Sen. Hollis: Another thing that was brought up to me yesterday was someone said they were in the South parking lot and that there were two guys who were pursuing them from the fence. This is not the first incident where there have been people at that fence in the parking lot.

Sen. Washington-Jones: I've heard two incidents now of trucks being vandalized in that South parking lot. It's an area that isn't seen very often so it seems like people can go by and do what they want.

Sen. Cowen: I've had parents now approach me about the situation of the parking lot being dark and far away. We're supposed to call UPD but sometimes it takes them 30 minutes to get there.

Director Conn: I don't know if a couple lights in that one little section is the issue. It seems like a general sense of not being safe in the South Hall parking lot. I don't think adding a sidewalk and lights is worth the funds. But what can we do about the issue of not feeling safe?

Sen. Hollis: I get back late Friday and Saturday nights and I risk the ticket to park in the closer parking lot. There was also a dog wandering around the South parking lot.

P.P.T. Vander Wiel: It needs to be made clear what side of the fence there were people on.

Sen. Meadows: There was a girl on my sister floor who said there was a guy on the LeTourneau side of the fence one night.

Sen. Cowen: Our RA was approached by a man in that area on our side of the fence. It has been on both sides of the fence.

V.P. Turner: Should the people file a report with UPD?

Director Conn: If there are people on campus approaching students at night, that's an issue we need to look at.

Sen. Meadows: There is a gate by the apartments and there is a light by it but it is out.

Director Conn: What do you think would be a good solution?

Sen. Meadows: One idea was moving Gilbert's parking to the Trinities.

Sen. Hollis: We could have a deal with UPD allowing students to park somewhere else before 10 am.

Sen. Crosswhite: The problem with that is the parking lot gets full and the people who are supposed to park there can't.

Director Conn: What can be done?

P.P.T. Vander Wiel: At this point I think it's UPD's job to deal with these issues. Getting that light on would be a good start to addressing the problem. Small fixes could make a psychologically big difference. UPD needs to know this is a relevant issue.

Sen. Crosswhite: I've seen coming back at night that there is a UPD car sitting in the Longview Hall turnaround. What if there was a UPD car sitting by that gate in the South Hall parking lot, at least temporarily?

Sen. Wise: The reason moving some parking to the Trinities got shot down was because ELH will be open again soon.

Director Conn: I will talk to Dr. Morgan about this. The real issue is that there is not a sense of security in the South Hall parking lot at night, particularly among women. There have been incidents on both sides of the fence. We want to look into options to make this area feel more secure.

Email read from Chief Turner about parking zones.

Director Conn: We'll continue to talk about this. In the shortest term, I think calling UPD to ask for an escort is still a viable option. For the time being, remember that we have not had a history of violent crimes on our campus. I live on campus so I will continue to check this out.

Meeting adjourned at 11:46 am.