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This page lists the things we would like to do for the wiki, as well as some of the stuff we need to do. Determine semester due dates by priority. Furthermore, there are a significant amount of "cool to do" items that are not as much of an immediate priority. Try to keep this in mind when you're picking a page to write.

Committee Chairs, the biggest priority is writing and updating the page about each committee.

Want to Do During Fall 2017

  • Expansion of Records (see below)
  • Implementation of infoboxes for bios and organizations, see MediaWiki Help
  • Committee Chair Guides (Committee Chairs)
    • Expand committee pages as guides
  • Membership Archives
    • Historical Records Ad-Hoc committee to form annual summaries of membership and student government accomplishments
  • Above ties in with Student Government annual summary pages
    • elections
    • members
  • Generalize the wiki
    • categorize pages with responsible parties, e.g. Category:LSM
  • Template Standardization based on Senate Bylaws
  • Long-term funding

Would be Neat

  • Additional Pages for IMPACT
  • Additional info for Clubs
    • list of currently active clubs, their contact people, and a mission statement taken from their constitution
  • Senate/Wiki History
  • "Club of the Week"
  • Bios
  • Scanning of old documentation
    • Historical Records Ad-Hoc committee
  • Safeguards against stale data (automation plugin?)
  • Fire Tornado

Required Public Records

  • Upcoming legislation
  • Senate budgets from the treasurer
  • Committee minutes (if taken)
  • Standing rules (like rules of order during session?)
  • Voting record (if roll call vote is taken during session)

Completed So Far

  • Legislation/minutes
  • Tags (draft/passed)
  • Current Senators
  • Logos
  • VP, PPT, Secretary officer guides
  • "How to become a Senator"
  • Linking from
  • Shirt ordering
  • Frequency Tagging (weekly, monthly, semesterly, yearly)
  • Unified Dates Page (all dates in one place)
  • LETU website linking (different than linking)
  • Senator attendance records (still need to add previous semesters)
  • General Election Results
  • Main Page (Banners, etc...)
  • Senator Handbook
  • External Appearance for marketing/publicity
  • At-a-glance when bill was passed
  • Wiki technical guide (see Senate internal Drive)
  • Mobile layout (plugin)
  • Officer guide for Sergeant-at-Arms