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Wiki Funding Act of Fall 2016

[Passed in the Session of October 13, 2016]

LeTourneau University Student Senate

Sponsored by PPT Largent

An Act

Relating to the purchasing of our domain name and protection services for the wiki

Be it enacted by the LeTourneau University Student Senate

Short Title

Section A. This act may be referred to as the "Wiki Funding Act of Fall 2016"


Section B.

1. A total of 70 dollars will be allocated from the Senate General Fund.

2. Allocations will be used for the purchase of our domain name and a sitelock subscription from Hostgator for 2015 and 2016.

3. All funds not used in this manner will revert back to the Senate General Fund.

Effective Date

Section C. This act shall become effective upon passage.

Explanations and Reasoning This came to our attention last week that our domain and sitelock yearly subscriptions needed to be renewed. Looking at the payment I realized that this is a yearly thing, and that it got paid last year without a allocation bill. The total cost is 30 dollars per year for both purchases.

--MarcusSmith (talk) 11:06, 27 October 2016 (CDT)