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September 5, 2019

Minutes Recorded by: McKenzie Craycraft, Secretary

Visitors: Steven Conn, Wesley Anderson

Call to Order at 11:01 AM

Senator Beckham prays

Roll Called

Approval of Minutes

Minutes approved at 11:07 AM

Officer Reports

Senator LaQuey: McKenzie needs to be in dress code. Discussion over stand to speak rule, and important to address speaker of chair directly.

Committee Reports

Senator Worrell: Working on figuring out how to get slides for international students. Talked to multiple people and have been unsuccessful. PR&R meeting today at 4:15 in ASC.

VP Reid: Hannah Eisen had project, might know how to put flag PowerPoint on tv.

Senator Welch: Elections meeting tomorrow at 5:30, talk about soft date for elections of upcoming term. Get ball started on placement of things, advertising about December and figure out how can improve from last year.

Special Business

VP Reid: Swearing in senators Rex Beard, Jonathan Matthews

PPT Murphy: Would like to appoint senator Matthews to student life committee, senators Beard to constitution

VP Reid: Need approval for that, correct?


Old Business


New Business



Senator LaQuey: Weekly Ice cream starts this week, set up at 3:45, starts at 4:00

VP Reid: 11:11 coffee with VP in old writing lab. Little bit more private area for discussion.

Open Forum

VP Reid: Heard a lot about need for water fountain near basketball pavilion and intermural fields. PA suggested foot door handles in bathrooms to prevent spread of germs. Take to floors and get feedback.

Senator LaQuey: Motion to move to student life committee.


Senator McClain: Foot hooks only for bathrooms?

VP Reid: Only brought up for bathrooms but could be in more areas if needed.

Senator Welch: I have heard discussions about issues with appliances. Consider student life looking into new appliances in dorms and commuter areas.

VP Reid: By appliances do you mean stir sticks and spatulas and things like that?

Senator Welch: Heard issues about need for more microwaves. Stove tops and issues with needing oven mitts.

Citizen Conn: Interested in suggestions, speak with Jake Hall, some things need to be done in cooperation with Marty Lane & the student center. Different appliances need different level of approval.

Senator LaQuey: Motion to move to student life.


VP Reid: Issue brought up by Shaun Nutt, no name plate on basketball court yet. Spoke with Christi Morgan, this is not in the bill nor a part of the bill. Senate paid for the buzz logo on court. Senate is not getting their own logo.

Senator McClain: Can we make a small plaque?

Senator Brenner: Citizen Nutt feels strongly about issue, would be in favor of getting a sign, but need approval. Any other opinions?

Senator Matthews: Agree, need more awareness for senate.

PPT Murphy: If we were to get a plaque, how much would it cost? Who would we need to talk to put it up?

Senator Brenner: Would cost about $30, nothing too expensive. Would be willing to talk to Morgan or could move to student life.

Senator Beckham: Motion to move to student life.


Senator Beard: Speaking with people in student accounts and president over veteran’s association about obtaining a veteran’s lounge, could be helpful environment. Could be small space, have fundraising.

VP Reid: Any thoughts Steve Conn as dean of student life?

Citizen Conn: No problem with discussion, not best project for senate, will be handled by other channels, funding will come from federal money. Conversations would come from veteran Associations and should speak with Dr. Lunsford.

Senator Beard: Concerned about funding.

Citizen Conn: Involves applying for a grant.

Senator LaQuey: Are we aware of any need of funding or will this be covered by other channels such as Title IV? Does veteran’s association need funding or is this covered by federal government?

Citizen Conn: Talks in third person, also doesn’t know a lot about issue, but advices that senate not take on project, but could pursue this like a normal club. Student veteran’s association should continue to apply for grants like other clubs. There are provisions for veterans’ space which can be applied for through grants.

Senator Beard: Unsure if we need a grant or school funding. At SFA funding comes through other resources such as student government.

Citizen Conn: I do not know the ins and outs of issues. Take thoughts with grain of salt. Student senate should be aware this a bigger process than just them, should think of it as supporting this effort but it will engage others. Senate should be involved but should understand the scope of what is involved.

VP Reid: Role is to bring it to appropriate channels instead of taking it on?

Citizen Conn: Already being discussed, registrar interested, Texas Red interested. Being talk about in other places.

Senator Beard: Spoke to people in registration and student accounts and they were unaware of issue.

Citizen Conn: Brought up 2 years ago, but conversations coming around again.

VP Reid: Speaking with the head of veterans’ club, interested in doing a fund raiser at Chilis to help veterans.

PPT Murphy: Good idea, motion to send to student life committee


VP Reid: Motion to add senator McClain giving his “thumbs up” of approve to minutes.

PPT Murphy: Add to minutes?

Senator Beckham motions to adjourn.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:33 AM